What Is Investin(IVN)? Complete Guide Review About Investin.

What Is Investin(IVN)?

Investin era of trusting financial institutions and corporations solely due to their legacy and heritage is a thing of the past, with the emergence of open source technologies it is time societies acknowledge the fact that any entity that guarantees transparency can become a trustworthy business that many can count on. Investment funds/hedge funds have been running for the past century on an outdated system of building trust among their clients / investors by reporting great numbers in profits year on year, the money invested in the fund is controlled by fund managers and big corporations who oversees the investments in assets and acts to protect people’s blind trust in such entities.

Governing agencies around the globe spend millions of taxpayers money to run independent regulatory bodies to keep a check on the behavior of these funds and to keep them from committing fraud and duping their clientele’s investments. Yet, Investin find many cases where the fund goes bankrupt, and there is no accountability for the loss. This arrangement of trust is hurting the future of free markets where anyone could invest and earn profits without fearing betrayal. It’s sincerely tough to trust anyone with one’s hard-earned money by just signing on papers.

Investin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameInvestin
Short NameIVN
Circulating Supply2,750,000.00 IVN
Total Supply9,000,000
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Smart contracts

A smart contract is an immutable set of code that constitutes a set of rules agreed upon by two or more parties to govern the transactions based on the predefined criteria. Upon execution, it validates the criteria dynamically and executes the transactions to produce the desired output. This allows decentralized automation by facilitating the verification and enforcement of the underlying agreement. This allows Investin to exchange anything of value including money, shares, property etc, in a transparent peer-to-peer manner eliminating the need for a middleman and keep the system conflict-free. These assets can be deposited and redistributed among the participants according to the rules of the contract.

Tamper proof

Investin smart contract is coded in an explicitly detailed form. The code that holds all the terms and conditions once deployed will be immutable, which means it can never be changed and no one can tamper with it. Any necessary condition that’s left out of the contract might result in an error while execution and no new condition could be incorporated once the execution starts. Due to this, the smart contract becomes a comprehensive agreement which once deployed on the blockchain will keep executing the written set of code. Any discrepancy in the state of terms and condition set at deployment won’t be editable by any unknown parties other than owner themselves.

Trading engine

Ethereum is a public Investin designed to be transparent, all the transactions are mined on-chain and broad castes on the whole blockchain which helps in many aspects but making everything open to all halters many possible use cases for business solutions to be deployed using these contracts. Hence, it’s necessary for the platform to integrate some of the advanced protocols built on native blockchains to run the trading engine. Some of the key integrations are listed in the following sections.

User experience

Investin with their inherent features are high-level concepts that require a high degree of knowledge in both computer sciences and cryptography to understand. Hence it’s difficult to produce an understanding of what goes on, when a contract on the blockchain is executed to an average user and doesn’t make sense to put it into words unless they are investors in such technology.

The only way to make global adoption possible for this machine level language-cum-immutable-cum-Turing complete technology is by easing the on-boarding experience for users and let them experience the advantage of trustless environments that can be achieved. Investin mission as blockchain developers/enthusiasts would be to excel at making such user interfaces possible and provide a great value proposition to everyone.

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  • ethereumEthereum (ETH) $ 4,669.69
  • binance-coinBinance Coin (BNB) $ 625.94
  • tetherTether (USDT) $ 0.999159
  • solanaSolana (SOL) $ 214.13
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