What Is Invest Like Stakeborg Index (ILSI)? Complete Guide Review About Invest Like Stakeborg Index.

Invest Like Stakeborg Index

What Is Invest Like Stakeborg Index (ILSI)?

Invest Like Stakeborg Index is working to make this a reality, by employing advanced innovative and proven technologies that are available today and offering them worldwide. According to many leading environmental experts, a call to action is required to stop the onrush of factors leading to catastrophic global environmental challenges. This coins is particularly motivated and has the capacity to fill the need for green energy technology in areas of the globe that suffer from limited to no power supply by offering both sustainable and economically feasible energy solutions.

Invest Like Stakeborg Index will first utilize natural resources to develop this sustainable process and structure financial platforms assisting project development by utilizing Crypto-Currency Distributed Ledger-Block Chain Technology. Greenstone offers unique opportunities for investors, partners and individuals interested in making this movement a reality. Greenstone is currently in the process of developing projects with highly advanced renewable green energy technologies such as, Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, Pollution Elimination aka Waste to Energy (WTE), Waste Plastics to Bio fuels, Thermal Energy Storage Systems, Solar, Geothermal and other available renewable energy processes.

Invest Like Stakeborg Index Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameInvest Like Stakeborg Index
Short NameILSI
Circulating Supply14,412.92 ILSI
Total SupplyN/A
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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Invest Like Stakeborg Index has formed a joint venture with the inventor/manufacturer of this wind technology to develop a wind farm project in Tehachapi, California. Tehachapi is a prime wind channel that will serve as GreenTek’s flagship project to produce over 100 MW of wind energy and supply clean and green energy to the local utility companies. The Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) is a revolutionary new science technology for wind driven turbines. Its design offers many environmental advantages over the current wind prop applications.

This vertical axis electrical power design requires significantly fewer capital costs compared to existing conventional windmill technology. This advanced technology operates at higher efficiency rate than that of conventional windmill outputs. The simplicity of its design and elimination of mechanical equipment creates longer operating windows and lower unit costs. This technology requires a smaller footprint of land, only 0.19 acres per 1-MW compared to 1.5 acres for the conventional windmill technology.

Thermal Energy Storage System

Invest Like Stakeborg Index is in discussions with the Inventor of a proven Thermal Energy Storage System, a Smart Phase Hybrid System to bring this remarkable technology to the US market. This technology captures and stores wasted thermal energy, which then can be discharged to produce thermal energy and or electricity. The technology utilizes a Synthetic Phase Change Material (SPCM) to capture and discharge thermal energy. Unlike other battery storage systems that store energy inefficiently, this technology stores thermal energy to then create electricity from the captured and wasted heat.

This waste heat represents both additional revenue and revenue saved by applying the thermal energy storage system to any commercial grade power system including geothermal, solar and all other types of energy producing facilities. As a result of this newly recognized revenue stream and its production efficiency, commercial facilities (e.g. high rise buildings, hospitals, data centers, casino resorts, hotels, religious facilities, and factories) that utilize chillers and boilers can now run at levels of efficiency far beyond industry standards.

Pollution Elimination Technology – Waste to Energy

Invest Like Stakeborg Index can now reuse and recycle up to 10% of the waste materials that are discarded in the millions of tons every day. Before, an economically viable answer did not exist, but now MSW can be processed in high volumes and converted into high grade chemicals, fuels, and electricity. This Waste to Energy (WTE) technology now delivers a complete and profitable solution for the
elimination of Medicinal Solid Waste (MSW). This proprietary (Trans molecular) process can now
eliminate the need for landfills (i.e., waste Dumps) and their resulting environmental challenges.

Invest Like Stakeborg Index can now address and reduce the amount of waste being discarded, that affects your global ecosystem, through this highly advanced technology. The technology itself is a sophisticated autoclave, high pressure, high temperature steam using mechanical forces in a rotating vessel, that reduces weight and volume and proceeds to break down 100% of the waste material that now can be reused.