Inverse Matic Flexible leverage Index

What Is Inverse MATIC Flexible Leverage Index (IMATIC-FLI-P)? Is It Is Good Or Bad ? 2022 Review

What Is Inverse MATIC Flexible Leverage Index (IMATIC-FLI-P)?

Inverse Matic Flexible leverage Index a community of finance professionals, engineers, DeFi experts, meme-makers, content marketers and crypto enthusiasts focused on making crypto investing simple. Together they launch, grow, and maintain the most trustworthy crypto indices on the market. The Bloomberg of decentralized finance. DeFi Pulse is the leading site for the latest analytics and rankings of DeFi protocols and serves as the methodological behind your flagship product, DPI.

A network, of finance professionals, engineers, DeFi experts, content marketers, designers and crypto enthusiasts. Battle tested team of engineers responsible for the set protocol, crypto largest actively managed funds. Set Labs’s V2 infrastructure underpins your method for creating and rebalancing your Index products. The maturity and experience of the Set team has been a critical enabler behind Index Coops rapid growth.

Inverse Matic Flexible leverage Index Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameInverse Matic Flexible leverage Index
Circulating Supply992.00 IMATIC-FLI-P
Total Supply992
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Index Token

The Index Token is Inverse Matic Flexible leverage Index governance token and used to vote on the proposals at the Index Coop. These proposals can cover almost anything, including which products they launch and which Working Groups to fund. It is also used to reward contributors and partners. There is a max supply of 10 million Index tokens which will be distributed as follows.

Want to launch a product with the Coop?

Inverse Matic Flexible leverage Index want to collaborate with industry experts and thought leaders in the space to develop the best index products on the market. To do that use your partner bounty program – which you can learn more about here. They are written here to act as a focal point for the Index Coop as grow, something for the community to refer back to and make sure they stay on course and true to your values.

Data Driven, Community Governed

It is important that your decisions are driven by the wealth of market data available within DeFi. Combining the depth of this data with a passionate community Inverse Matic Flexible leverage Index can make informed decisions quickly with a chance for everyone to contribute. This is a powerful strategy that will help Index Coop remain competitive in a fast-moving sector.

Inverse Matic Flexible leverage Index goal is to offer index products that represent simplicity and peace of mind. Indices are designed to help minimize fees and hassle, while maximising the breadth of choice for digital asset holders. Index Coop began as an idea to collectively create and manage digital asset indices and we aim to lead the development of future products that continue to advance the space.

Internal Motivation

Inverse Matic Flexible leverage Index do things because they believe them to be right, find them worth pursuing in and of themselves, and help become who they want to be. They are not driven by external factors like politics or appeasing investors. Before speaking, they listen to all parties to really understand where they are coming from, their needs, their concerns, and fears. Through building common understanding, they are able to come up with solutions that address all concerns and work towards a shared goal.


Inverse Matic Flexible leverage Index strength comes from the collective community, not from hiding information from one another. Of course, there are things that are sensitive (e.g. HR, Legal, etc.) that have to be kept secret, but strive to work in the open and keep maximum information flow available to everyone in the community. Making all roles, teams, and internal agreements explicit and transparent to the Coop is critical, it is documentation that allows to operate more freely and efficiently in a distributed workplace.