What Is Intelligent Ratio Set (INTRATIO)?

What Is Intelligent Ratio Set (INTRATIO)? Complete Guide Review About Intelligent Ratio Set.

What Is Intelligent Ratio Set (INTRATIO)?

Intelligent Ratio Set is a pure algorithmic strategy based on a private, moving average, RSI and ATR indicator refined for trading across all markets. It was created on Trading View and back tested across mutliple pairs with extremely promising results historically but also in practice.

INTRATIO aims to beat the huge market swings that Bitcoin and Ethereum have in relation to eachother and ultimately put your holdings to work to accumulate more over time. Trending algorithms like these work exceptionally well in crypto due to having the biggest market swings seen amongst any asset class.

Intelligent Ratio Set Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameIntelligent Ratio Set
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply822
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Do you trade your own capital?

Yes, as a the person who develops these long term strategies, I only trade via my own analysis and tools. I have allocated capital towards each one of my sets and I also use the same algorithmic indicator to trade across Forex, Equities & Crypto margin trading. Intelligent Ratio Set like to add as much value as possible for supporting your trading strategy, contact me on Discord or Telegram to find out more.


Developers build the next generation of financial applications using the Set Protocol layer as their base and achieve their objectives faster. Whether you are running an algorithmically rebalanced cryptocurrency index or a long-only large investment portfolio that caters to an existing customer base – the Set Protocol has limitless opportunities on what innovative projects can be built, with Token Sets being a core example.

Structured Products

Intelligent Ratio Set Institutions or entities can create structured products for customers with a refined methodology behind them that fills a market need or niche. The largest crypto indices today are built on top of the Set Protocol infrastructure.

Social Trading

Anyone can become a social trader using our V2 Portfolio Sets that give the Set manager the ability to replicate their trading strategy on-chain, build assets under management and monetise their clients. Token Sets gives a user-friendly experience to Set managers to perform these actions, but also a frictionless experience for clients to invest into your Set too.

Treasury Management

Ethereum ecosystem projects are trusting Set Protocol to manage project treasuries in a trustless, decentralised manner. One example of this is Yam HOUSE, which is an actively managed portfolio by Yam. Finance DAO with the aim to achieve long term capital appreciation to support the growth and development of the Yam.

Protocol Fee Structure

As a Manager, there are currently no fees for utilizing the Set Protocol directly for your business products outside of standard Ethereum network gas fees. If interacting with Set Protocol via the Token Sets UI the only fee currently invoked is a 0.10% fee on trades executed through the trade module on the UI. Intelligent Ratio Set As an Investor, in addition to the standard Ethereum network fees, you might encounter a ‘streaming fee’ on Sets, which is the manager’s way of monetizing their product.

Streaming Fees

Intelligent Ratio Set streaming fees are fees that are paid out to Set managers over time based on the entire market cap of the Set (e.g. 2% of market cap over 1 year). This incentivizes managers to increase the value of their Sets over time for their users.The streaming fee is calculated linearly over the lifespan of the Set. For example, if a Set has a 2% streaming fee and 6 months has passed, 1% of streaming fees would have been collected.