What Is Inocoin.eu? (INO ) Complete Guide Review About Inocoin.eu

What Is Inocoin.eu? (INO ) Complete Guide Review About Inocoin.eu

What Is Inocoin.eu?

Inocoin.eu is initially offered on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. Do you have a great startup idea? Superb financial and/or operational plans? Do you think your idea will change the world and make it a better place? Is your only obstacle funding and the fact you can’t afford to start your project? Apply with us at because this is the mission – to help and fund young entrepreneurs!

Inocoin Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency built with the sole purpose of helping prospective new businesses find funding. The aim is to draw in a large pool of funding applicants and pick the ones who prove they deserve the investment. They base the decisions on a set of criteria that are purely objective, built as a result of the extensive experience with investing. This guarantees that will keep growing, because it is not directly tied to the market, but only to the select, high-quality startups they choose to fund.

They are use blockchain technology because they believe in its future, because they are business people and have a logical outlook. Providing transactions many times quicker and cheaper than are currently the norm makes blockchain the perfect decentralized system. It gives every person the opportunity to be a successful investor, whereas a classical banking system limits investment options to just a small circle of well-funded individuals. They works both for startups and for investors. They strive for win-win deals. Every successful startup is a win both for investors and for InoCoin.

Inocoin.eu Storage Key Points

Coin NameInocoin.eu
Short NameINO
Circulating Supply10,000,000.00 UQC
Total Supply40,000,000
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How it works?

Inocoin.eu Within the Ino Coin platform, there are several main features that are of interest to
future users. The “like” button is the first such feature as it is intended to allow the
community to vote on what projects should get financial support. This occurs every
three months as the managerial team redirects Ino Coins in order to fund a project.


MasterNodes And Privacy

Thanks to the decentralized blockhain system you will be fully anonymous and need not worry for your investment decisions.

Smart contracts

Inocoin Coin It is possible to implement a Turing-complete programming language within the blockchain itself. A piece of computer code stored and replicated on the blockchain system is called a smart contract. These contracts got a lot of traction over the last few years.

Low Fees

Thanks to Blockchain technology is the investment platform with the lowest fees in investment world.


Inocoin.eu system is based on Blockchain technology, which makes sure that the community is making the decisions as a whole.

Blockchain technology

Before the blockchain era, commerce required building trust between the transacting parties, which in practice meant proving that each party was capable of fulfilling their obligations in accordance with the terms agreed beforehand. Failing to stick to one’s promises would wreak havoc in the markets. Consequently, there was a need for a third party, a financial intermediary,

Utility token

Inocoin Coin INO coin is a utility token that will pave the way to the future of crowdfunding. Unlike most other platforms, it is also a universal payment tool and, apart from investing in and funding various projects, it will also act as a currency that allows people to take advantage of the innovations which are being developed thanks to it. After investing in INO, for example, you can receive smart services and all kinds of products from the projects you support.


Inocoin.eu Ethereum-based crowdfunding platform for all kinds of innovative ideas and projects. It is clear that it’s not an ICO incubator – instead it’s more like crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter” and “Indiegogo”. The community reviews projects and chooses to either “Like”
(upvote) or “Boost” (fund) them using INO, the proprietary ERC-20 token used by the Ino Coin