Infinity Game

What Is Infinity Game(IFG)? Complete Guide Review About Infinity Game.

What Is Infinity Game(IFG)?

In the midst of the word Infinity Game was coined by blockchains and developers and the phrase refers to a hybrid of decentralized finance (Defi) and gaming activities are becoming popular. Infinity Game has made it more enjoyable to play games and earn money on the site as well as enhance the IFG token circulation into the mainstream. Infinity Game expects to redefine the gambling industry as one of the world’s first permission and transparent high- performance blockchain gaming ecosystems.

As well as combining the knowledge of industry professionals in both blockchain and gaming in order to deliver an outstanding blockchain gaming experience for players. Building the lighthouse for gamers is Infinity Game mission! This company believe that InfinityGame will grow strongly in the near future. Stay tuned and accompany! You are free to choose the Staking or Farming Pool with the high APY you like, then invest in it and earn $IFG as the passive income. The exchange is an automated market maker (“AMM”) that allows two tokens to be exchanged on the Binance Smart Chain.

Infinity Game Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameInfinity Game
Short NameIFG
Circulating Supply5,000,000.00 IFG
Total Supply10,000,528
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By gaming on BSC, it ensures the scalability to provide speedy game-play and consistent service. Fairness on Infinity Game is also the highlighted feature of this platform since it can eliminate cheating based on block chain technology. When users activate any rounds on mini-games of Infinity-game, Infinity Game smart contract will automatically generate the amount of $IFG corresponding to the total reward value of all possible winning cases. The rule is if the players win, the reward is being released immediately and transferred straightforwardly to the wallet. In case losing the round, that $IFG you wager will be burned to enhance the token value.

Why Binance Smart Chain?

Cross-chain compatibility

Due to be built with a dual chain architecture, Binance Chain is a compatible chain with Binance Smart chain. As a result, users can enjoy moving assets across both networks with ease. This is also a crucial element that DeFi supporters value.

Cheap Transaction

In comparison to Ethereum, gas fees on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) are almost 20 times lower. Thus, BSC is always the ideal choice for launching Defi projects that developers can focus on innovation, instead of worrying about the high transaction fees.

Transaction Speed

Infinity Game Utilizing a Proof-of-Stake consensus method, Binance Smart Chain was specifically designed to enhance scalability in blockchain with high throughput that reduces the confirmation times to block time of 3 seconds – four times quicker than the Ethereum blockchain’s block time of thirteen seconds.

How do I get airdrops?

About 4 million IFG that equivalent to 4 million USDT will be released for the Infinitygame community. This event will last till the day of releasing all amounts of tokens for the Airdrop campaign! Grab this chance! First comes, first serves! Reward mechanism You can claim your token as an Airdrop reward on each Sunday after starting Airdrop Also, those IFG you earned only can use for gaming on the Infinity Game platform. If you win the round, the profit you gain will be transferred directly to your wallet address by a smart contract, then you can swap those $IFG to USDT or other coins.

How can I farm LP tokens?

Infinity Game In order to farm you first have to provide liquidity to one of the pools which you can find on the “Farm” page. After providing liquidity and receiving your LP tokens then select the pool you joined from the “Farm” page, approve the contract and then click on the little “+” sign, choose the amount you want to stake and confirm. You only need to stake the token instead of a LP token in order to stake in the pools. In order to farm you need to provide liquidity to one of the pools on the farming page and then stake your LP tokens. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one to choose is up to your strategy.

What is InfinityGame token?

Infinity Game is token ticker of the Infinity Game, launching with the mission of Lighthouse for gamers. IFG will be distributed by Airdrop Program, Staking/ Farming, Gaming on InfinityGame Inhouse Function. You can gain extra tokens when joining your Staking/ Farming function with high APY. Also, if you invite your friend you can receive a bonus as a referral reward. Enjoy the addictive games and take the chance for earning more $IFG. The more round you activate, the more $IFG you can gain. Users who hold IFG tokens can vote for potential product upgrades, releases, and parameter fixes.