What Is iMe Lab (LIME)?

What Is iMe Lab (LIME)? Complete Guide Review About iMe Lab.

What Is iMe Lab (LIME)?

iMe Lab alternative Telegram client with advanced functionality and DeFi & AI tools. iMe expands the official client functionality and implements its own technologies that become available to users all over the world. The low entrance threshold into the industry of Cryptocurrencies and Artificial Intelligence through the structure of the Telegram messenger makes iMe an attractive and convenient platform for both ordinary and professional users.

LIME by iMe Lab is the utility token of the platform, which has smart contracts developed on Ethereum and BNB Chain. The native LIME token serves as the building material of iMe platform, on which various services are built using LIME. iMe creates the DAO-structured ecosystem with large scale use of LIME by promoting and popularizing DeFi toolkit.

iMe Lab Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameiMe Lab
Short NameLIME
Circulating Supply157,372,549.00 LIME
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Crypto Wallet

Non-custodial wallet and DeFi tools, access to which only the users have. Storing, buying, swapping and transferring cryptocurrencies is available for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain accounts. Make transactions directly in chats, by Telegram ID, public addresses or QR code. Binance Pay integration with linked Pay ID allows you to request payments and make transfers instantly and without fees. The developed staking and farming programs allow you not to waste your assets uselessly.


soon A iMe Lab is a user data set, trained by an algorithm on a Neural Network with certification, which undeniably and irrefutably belongs to the creator on the ownership rights of the unique NFT token. Create your smart and useful neuro bots for personal collecting and use or sell it on the iMe AI marketplace to benefit the community. The gaming industry is one of the most prominent economic sectors today. In 2020, this industry recorded a total global of $174.5 billion dollars. According to research firm Newzoo, more than three quarters of that total revenue proceeds from games with in-game currency models.

But this isn’t something entirely new. The concept of in-game currencies has been around for ages. An early-stage example of in-game currency can be found in the good-old Super Mario Bros, in which players have to collect coins while performing certain game mechanics like fighting enemies or trying to overcome some obstacles.

iMe Lab While this game doesn’t allow players to purchase things, the model still enables users to accumulate ‘capital’ that could be exchanged for extra character health or new clothing. In-game currencies are a great incentive for users to develop virtual economies, supported by game mechanics and user psychology. Micro transactions are the leading monetization model for game developers as it lowers the entry barriers for new users through free-to-play options while promoting user engagement and enhancing experiences with paid upgrades.

Telegram Customization

iMe Lab implements advanced features that lacks in Telegram. This is the translator in chats, voice-to-text translation, text from photos extraction, cloud albums, topics and advanced folder settings, admin tools, connecting of up to 5 accounts and much more. iMe and Telegram are interchangeable, the structure of the messenger has the common server part and is fully synchronized. User authorization, chats data transfer and storage occurs through the servers of the official client. Experience a new level of using the messenger without losing the familiar environment and security of Telegram.

Telegram Catalog

soon Collections of Telegram channels, groups and chat-bots with a convenient search by categories, countries and languages. Administrators and owners can place their resources in the Catalog independently, promoting it among the audience which is interested in a convenient search for content by desired parameters. iMe Lab Galaxy is built for freedom.

The metaverse empowers users to liberate themselves from Earthly limitations at many different levels. This inspired to take the concept of in-game currencies and enhance it with blockchain technology. Transitioning from a centralized in-game currency model to a decentralized scheme offers various benefits for all participants. A decentralized purchasing mechanism opens new possibilities for users to access discounts.