Ihealthtoken Ico Review: The first cryptocurrency that Cares About people's health.

Ihealthtoken Ico Review: The first cryptocurrency that Cares About people’s health.

About Ihealthtoken Ico

Ihealthtoken is the decentralized medical research token.  A revolution in the medical field worldwide. The first decentralized blockchain-based medical and biomedical research platform. Intelligent Health is adding and bringing value impacting the lives of normal people. The token that allows integrate, manage and share the whole information about health brings researches and investigations. iHealth will be giving a part of the research wallet to finance medical projects to advance in medical and biomedical researches, for instance, about fatal existing diseases, such as cancer.

Ihealthtoken Ico is a new crypto venture by a group of experts. It’s a new addition in the pool of thousands of already existing cryptocurrency coins and tokens. But this is more than a normal
crypto coin. iHealth Token is actually intended to add value to the life of a normal user. The goals of iHealth Token are revolutionary and the team is working hard on achieving those goals. These plans will surely impact the lives of normal people. It is creating a revolution in the field of medical research using decentralized blockchain.

Ihealthtoken Ico Key Information

Token NameIhealthtoken Ico
Ico PriceN/A
Soft CapN/A
Fundraising GoalN/A
Personal CapN/A
Total SupplyN/A
Token TypeBEP-20
PlatformBinance Chain
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What project is behind Ihealthtoken?

Ihealthtoken platform for public medical projects to boost medical research. The main project is to create a decentralized platform to boost medical research and add innovations in the medical and biomedical field, offering a virtual research environment integrated online on iHealth Network sponsored by worldwide’s leading medical researchers.


Decentralized health

The world’s first decentralized medical platform, operating on Blockchain with smart contracts, boosting medical research and adding innovations in the medical and biomedical field.


Everyone can participate and collaborate, even be part of a mayor discovery. All the holders will have the opportunity of vote for the next project research.


Ihealthtoken Ico Collaborations with public research entities at international level to carry on the research projects.


Ihealthtoken operates on the BEP-20 network, which guarantees maximum security for all users.


All the information, secure and interferences proof, will be public and available for all users. As soon new advances in the projects appear, will be shared through our iHealth Network.

Private communication

Ihealthtoken access to private section on the web and to the Discord Server, only for holders. Also, holders will be able to contact with all team members, via Email, Discord and private virtual conferences.

Private sale

October 7, 2021 – October 11, 2021

Join the wish list to participate in the iHealth token private sale. This sale will be exclusive to people who sign up and will receive a 20% discount on the starting price of the cryptocurrency.


November 12, 2021 – November 21, 2021

Ihealthtoken Ico be part of the most amazing and unique token and create a healthy future for all the world, meantime, wait and prepare yourself to be part of the change.

Benefit Of iHealth

Offers tremendous benefits to society and the current medical research field. Interconnecting and working in a decentralized way in the area of medical research, will allow the advancement in the future, and will help fight against hundreds or thousands of diseases without the intervention of lobbies or large corporations. Being decentralized will allow everyone to be able to access research information as well as the results and test and being within a blockchain the information cannot be altered.

Medical research professionals will be able to interconnect and create within the decentralized platform “research pools” where through a Liquidity pool, holders will be able to finance the proposed research, provided the condition of “Free” is met information to the public and other medical research entities. In turn, holders have a performance of their tokens and will be able to see progress in real time on the research.


Ihealthtoken total supply for iHealth Tokens is 30,000,000 (30 Million) tokens. These tokens can be brought from an exchange like Pancakeswap.