Ico Review – Powered By The Coins Creates A Passive Source Of Income. Ico Review – Powered By The Coins Creates A Passive Source Of Income.

About unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, coin ecosystem powered by the Coins creates a passive source of income for its users. Three distinct revenue segments with subtle profit generation mechanism include: Mining Farm, a dedicated coin app and An Innovative Investment Corridor through which funds are channeled to propel new and innovative projects. coin offers a clear profit-sharing mechanism wherein the earnings are proportionately shared based on the %age coin Holdings. While users have access to decentralized ledgers they can also monitor and actively participate in decision-making processes.

A dedicated coin app loaded with multiple innovative features will facilitate fund transfer and purchase and exchange of all major cryptocurrencies at negligible costs. There is also an exciting secret project that is reserved and will be made public at a later stage. coin is an investor-driven platform that allows its users to benefit from increasing returns on their crypto assets. Coin is designed to take the financial industry to a next level and serve as a money machine for coin users. Unlike other projects that use the technology for easy fundraising, coin aims to strengthen and expand the blockchain investment system itself by eliminating the challenges facing both average and serial investors.

Token Basic Information

Token NameIVC
Token TypeUtility
Total Supply14,000,000,000 IVC
AcceptingBTC, ETH
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

How It Work?

Ideavis Ico model that does not require any particular technical skill on the part of its users. To be a part of the coin ecosystem users can purchase the coin and get access to the coin APP. The coin can also be used as a virtual currency for exchange and fund transfers. For profit generation coin does not rely on one single activity. Users earn profits from three different revenue models.

How to Earn Profit?

  • Earn from the value of IDEAVIS Technologies Corporate.
  • Your profit sharing in the company, which they give every user who has at least $3,000 worth of IDEAVIS coins in his wallet.
  • People who have a VIP status do not need to hold IDEAVIS coin to participate in the prize/reward.
  • You automatically earn your share in the profits of IDEAVIS Coin.
  • Pay soon with the IDEAVIS Coin in the real World


Crypto Mining Farm the Mining farm is founded to cover the running costs such as electricity, rent, maintenance staff, servers, and many more. The profits that arise are divided amongst the investors. The topic “Active Managed Mining” is quite new and innovative. The Mining farm looks out for the most profitable coins based on the available hashrate. the algorithm allows miners to dynamically jump to other cryptocurrencies that are increasingly more lucrative to mine to ensure the highest possible profit for the company and users of the Coin.

Profit And Invest

They more profitable in comparison to other cryptocurrencies is that of the division of profits. The profit is assembled from two means. First, there is the increase of value of the itself, and secondly, the 39% profit share that comes from several ongoing projects that is engaged with and through which will bring constant profits. One of those remarkable projects that increases the profit and strengthens

Ideavis Ico the community of is the founding of a mining farm. 39% of the profit, that is gained by the farm, will flow back into the community. This process guarantees a constant increase in profit of the coins – they have the coin for the future and they create the demand for the coin of the future all at the same time. Be a part and invest now!

Investment Project

They investment platform, every user will be able to vote on which company to invest in. the goal is to bring coin into the real world and establish it as a stable currency. The Investment Project aims to connect, support, and coordinate franchises, startups, good companies, and apps that have great potential. Placing the coins in these companies will mutually strengthen the value of the currency.

Privat Sell

  • Min. Invest: 3000 $ in BTC or ETH
  • Bonus: ICO Details
  • Start: 20.02.2021 Time 00:00 UTC +2
  • End: 01.03.2021 Time 23:59 UTC +2
  • Accepted Currency: BTC, ETH
  • Coin Price: $ 0.02 Coin Name: IdeaVis
  • Ticker Symbol: IVC

Vision comes from an Idea & Vision of the World Economy. They want to blur the line between cryptocurrency merchants and ordinary consumers. It is, in a way, the first of its kind. The coin is directly connected to the shares of the company. They intend to popularize cryptocurrency by giving free admission, and by helping people understand and adopt what they believe to be the future of money.