Icopulse Ico Review

Icopulse Ico Review – Saves Companies Millions

About Icopulse

Icopulse aims to bring one of the blockchain solutions to Insurance Carriers, Lenders, Policy Holders, Agencies, Brokerages, MGA’s (Master General Agents), and other related parties who require Verification as a Service (VaaS). Verification-as-a-Service is a specific and natural extension of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS). GAPro has deployed the Blockchain platform and built an interactive ecosystem throughout the insurance, real estate, and lending industries as well as others who currently overpay for inefficient verification services.

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Icopulse Key Information

Token NameIcopulse
ICO start28th Sep 2018
ICO end4th Jan 2019
Tokens for sale100,000,000
AcceptingETH, BTC, LTC
Token SymbolGPC
Token TypeERC20
Price in ICO0.5000 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

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