What Is Hxro (HXRO)?

What Is Hxro (HXRO)? Complete Guide Review About Hxro.

What Is Hxro (HXRO)?

A number of blockchain systems are being introduced, each with their own unique features. Hxro developers are trying to find a blockchain system that matches their own requirements perfectly. However, it is not an easy task. Once a DApp is built on the a certain blockchain system, it can reap the benefits of the blockchain’s advantages
(e.g., high scalability), but it must also tolerate its disadvantages (e.g., limited safety). Consider a DApp used to sell digital contents via a blockchain system.

Some blockchain systems are suitable for operations for asset transfers or ownership publications. On the contrary, some blockchain systems are preferred for inside auctions or negotiations. Under this dilemma (or trilemma), a DApp service provider is faced with the challenge of picking a blockchain system that optimizes the performance and security of its service. Any blockchain subsystem is applicable if it has basic functionality on a smart contract.

Hxro Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHxro
Short NameHXRO
Circulating Supply422,208,616.31 HXRO
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Don’t reinvent the wheel

Most of the newly proposed blockchain systems have a common, ambitious approach building a completely new blockchain system that solves all the problems at once, particularly those related to scalability. However, every Hxro has its own goals and needs. A single blockchain system cannot satisfy all the requirements. Furthermore, no blockchain system is free from intrinsic and technical trade offs. Thus, we are still in a vicious circle, where a new solution causes another problem.

How Bifrost works

Hxro developer selects the multiple blockchain combinations that fits his/her requirements, and writes the smart contract code in Recipe, indicating which functions and variables are matched to which blockchains in the smart contract code. In the deployment phase, splits and converts DApp codes into multiple components and generates the description for the inter operation of the components.

Each component code is transpiled to the program language of the smart contract of the blockchain system. Bifrost then automatically checks the correctness of each component. The verified component can be deployed into each blockchain system. In the following operation phase, the Container supports inter operation between the split components from a DApp.

Node architecture

Hxro Node systems have an architecture to build an execution environment of the multiple blockchain systems to DApps. When connecting different blockchain systems, they need to handle the layered interconnection, since a single blockchain system already consists of multiple functional layers, such as consensus, network, and smart contract modules. Hence, the architectures of Node systems are represented as stacks of supporting modules and blockchain systems.

Stacks in two views

The structure of the Hxro Node can be represented as a 3-dimensional (3D) stack to depict how the modules are constructed and how they work for DApps. First, the execution stack shows the structure of functional modules paralleling the externally operating blockchain system. In the operation stack, they illustrate how executes the DApp components with the resources of blockchain systems.

Execution stack

It has a layered structure to build an inter working platform with multiple blockchain systems. Thus, the execution stack has two pillars. one for the (existing) public blockchain system and the other for the managed blockchain Container. Most linkage modules reside in the Hxro Container. They assume that a blockchain subsystem including a consensus algorithm and network module and a runtime environment to execute smart contract. The Node uses the externally operating blockchain system without any modification.