What Is HUGHUG Coin(HGHG)? Complete Guide Review About HUGHUG Coin.


What Is HUGHUG Coin(HGHG)?

HUGHUG Coin PROJECT has obtained permission to use the content from the management offices. Unless otherwise specified, the copyrights and neighboring rights of the published content are owned by the management offices of each actress. Secondarily illegal usage of the information, images, sounds, etc., by reprinting, diversion copying, copying, editing, modification, sale, public transmission, etc., without the right holders’ permission is strictly forbidden. In the unlikely event that such a fact is discovered, we may warn you and take legal action against
any maliciousness.

HUGHUG Coin PROJECT is launched to address the long-standing problem of the Japanese sexy idol industry. The content value of Japanese sexy idols is constantly declining due to piracy and data leakages. Moreover, overseas platforms that use content without permission are reducing the value of Japanese sexy idols. HUG HUG COIN PROJECT operates to realize the idea of “content protection” by utilizing new technologies such as blockchain and NFT.

HUGHUG Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHUGHUG Coin
Short NameHGHG
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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NFT & Solution

As a feature of the NFT business, in addition to selling content, the operating team will also provide various solutions such as technology, system, management, and advice to content owners. HUGHUG Coin can be traded with the token symbol “HGHG”. It will be possible to liquidate and staking in its own pool at DEX and CEX, a major exchange, by the end of this year. The industry-leading management company, famous actresses, etc., support and back up HUGHUG COIN PROJECT to protect content and eradicate pirated editions.


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Japanese sexy idol is a Japanese treasure Blockchain & NFT

Launched to address content-related issues facing the Japanese sexy idol industry. Recently, the content value of Japanese sexy idols is constantly declining due to piracy and data leakages. With the evolution of technology, blockchain was born, and along with that, it became possible to give birth to the irreplaceable original content by NFT. The HUGHUG Coin PROJECT team will continue to work on the protection of content and the future of finance.

HUGHUG Coin Project

  • The original content of HUGHUG NFT MARKET can only be purchased with HGHG.
  • HUGHUG COIN PROJECT cannot be purchased at pre-sale. Please purchase at the dedicated exchange.
  • Some of the original contents that are provided to HUGMA NFT MARKETPLACE can or cannot be produced. It is sold after obtaining permission from each management company and sexy idol.
  • Please be cautious of activities such as pre-sale by impersonating the HUGHUG COIN PROJECT. The management will not take any responsibility.
  • Sexy idols and each management company are not the management team, so please refrain from inquiring about HGHG TOKEN. In addition, losses in transactions and purchases are at your own risk.

HUGMA NFT Marketplace

NFT MARKETPLACE “HUGMA” will open. The current NFT is not true NFT content, as the owner and the director have combined the existing materials and reused content to make the NFT. It has become possible to produce NFT content that can only be produced by HUGHUG Coin with the cooperation of several major management companies and sexy idols. It will be the one and only original NFT content in the world.