Hqzcash.io Ico Review – NPI blockchain pre-launch token

Hqzcash.io Ico Review

About Hqzcash.io

“Investing in an Initial Coin Offering, as defined in article L.552-3 of the monetary and financial code, implies a potential loss of the investment, partial or total. No guarantee is given regarding the liquidity of the acquired coins, the existence of a secondary market for these coins, their value during the offer or their counter-value in currency.

Hqzcash.io to article L. 211-1 of the monetary and financial code, these coins do not represent financial instruments, and do not grant any rights besides those implied in the information document. Furthermore, the regulatory framework applicable to supply and coins, and the tax system relevant to coin holding are not defined to this day within certain jurisdictions.”

Hqzcash.io Key Information

Token NameHqzcash.io
Token Sale Hard CapBTC 58
Token Sale Soft CapBTC 38
Token TypeToken RIDE (WAVES) waves.exchange platform
Initial Token Price1 token = 0.30 USD
Token SymbolHQZCASH
Starting dateMarch 17th, 2021
Ending dateMarch 17th, 2025
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WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Hqzcash.io

Hqzcash.io Ico Review - NPI blockchain pre-launch token

Finding safety in de-banking

Hqzcash.io, it has become impossible to be 100% independent from the banking system. It is
necessary to have at least one active bank account in order to perceive your salary or pay for day to day services such as water, electricity or phone bills. The point of de-banking is to limit your exposure to the risks of the banking system, by adopting a pragmatic and logical strategy, thus echoing this good old founding principle.

NPI blockchain based cryptocurrency

De-banking in a foreseeing citizen’s day to day life consists of using your bank account as little
as necessary : for the operations that cannot be done without it. Perceiving your salary, paying
your bills and taxes, etc. Only leaving on your account the minimum amount needed. Then, this minimum amount should be divided into two, by using different banks that you are sure are not connected to one another.

Hqzcash.io this purpose, you can use savings accounts, that might usually no longer be profitable, but that remain the most secured accounts in case of trouble. As for your monthly surplus, it should be diversified through investments. Once your investments are diversified, you should also separate your means of payment. If the goal is to use your bank account as little as possible, you also need to limit your use of your credit card. But you still need to be able to live normally, and for that purpose, there is the NPI cryptocurrency.

A cryptocurrency by HQZ consulting

Hqzcash.io consulting4 was founded by business provider, blockchain analyst and crypto-currency consultant Johan Boiteux. Convinced that the block-chain and cryptocurrencies hold the potential to become our economy’s future, Johan Boiteux and his partners share their expertise in order to bring a fuller comprehension of the financial system around us, which will soon be on the verge of collapsing. This company is an investment based holding, based in Europe on the Estonian territory.

Its main activity is cryptocurrency and blockchain counselling. Furthermore, it aims to uphold and invest in as many small companies and company creations as feasible. This is why the NPI cryptocurrency was created. A dedicated cryptocurrency was essential to the creation of a lasting, stable ecosystem, while sending a share of the benefits in full transparency to the investors of the NPI cryptocurrency.

A promising ecosystem

Each partner company supported by NPI will accept the cryptocurrency as a mean of payment,
thus providing an additional, complementary use to the NPI cryptocurrency. Furthermore, HQZ Consulting intends to create its own marketplace in order to list every company that was funded or created by HQZ Consulting in one place, thus facilitating the user experience.

This way, it will be easy and fast to find where and how you can use your NPI. The creation of such a marketplace being crucial to keeping an optimal utility to our cryptocurrency, it will become the economical core of the Hqzcash.io Consulting Holding : The more companies join it, the more HQZ Consulting will grow. This way, they will be sure to see the company investment’s results.

The HQZcash token : The ICO’s raw material

The Initial Coin Offering is a perfectly adapted step for the crowd-funding of cryptocurrency based start-ups and initiatives, such as HQZ Consulting. An ICO allows you to invest in a new
cryptocurrency project by purchasing tokens. The start-up’s team then uses the sum gathered through the token’s sales in order to develop their idea and make it a concrete product.

More over, as the company develops, the token’s value rises. This is how HQZ Consulting and their partners have decided to optimize their potential for project development. For its ICO, HQZ Consulting has decided to name it’s token the “Hqzcash.io Token”. The HQZCash token is there-fore a pre-launching token for the NPI cryptocurrency.

Know Your Customer system

Know Your Customer is the name given to the process that allows a company to check it’s client’s identity, in order to make sure of their conformity regarding the anti-corruption legislations, as well as their integrity and honesty. This term is also used for the banking regulations that define such activities.

This process also aims to prevent identity fraud, fiscal fraud, money laundering, and the funding of terrorist organizations. It functions through the collection and analysis of data, verification of the user’s presence on lists (for politically exposed users, for instance), comportment and transaction analysis, etc. For security and user protection matters, the NPI cryptocurrency will be submitted to a KYC verification through the HQZ Consulting website.

It will be the Oracle’s bidding to check your KYC with each transaction. If your KYC is approved, so will be your transaction. However, if it is not, your transaction will be cancelled. This way, the company ensures maximum security regarding the imposed regulations.

Project development

Thanks to the funds gathered through the ICO, various points are meant to be developed in order to reach a certain stability within the company. Hqzcash.io Consulting will invest 25% of the ICO in a Master node farm5. Said Master node farm will generate a 5 to 15% return on investment each year.

Of these 25%, half will be dedicated to the creation of the first NPI blockchain Master nodes, while the other half to Masternodes including waves and ETH 2.0, so that a stable income flow will be guaranteed at the end of each year. The Masternodes represent a trust factor for our various users and clients, and guarantee a constant benefits flow each year, as promised by the company.

Road map

Hqzcash.io Ico Review - NPI blockchain pre-launch token