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Hosting90 Web Hosting Review: Why choose your virtual servers?.

About Hosting90

WebApps servers are among the most popular services at Dozens of developers and operators of web applications are currently using this service. Familiarize yourself with the Hosting90 Cloud console and the latest features so you can get productive in no time. Access management enables you to control which users see, create, use, and manage resources in your account. This message can be displayed for service instances that were migrated from Cloud Foundry, but for which access roles were not subsequently updated. After the migration, the service instance owner must update the user permissions to ensure that anyone who needs access to the instance is assigned to the appropriate Platform and Service access roles.

To regain access to the service instance, ask the service instance owner to review your access permissions. Ask to be given at least a service access role of Writer. After your access roles are fixed, be sure to use the correct web address, the URL of the migrated service instance, to open it. And to make it even more enjoyable for them to operate and manage web projects, they recently improved WebApps with some great features.

Some Quick Facts Hosting90 Web Hosting

Hosting90Basic Details
Hosting NameHosting90
Price160 CZK with VAT
Email SupportN/A
Call Support+420 220 000 501
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Hosting90 Price

IP addresses that are being used by a webhook?

Unfortunately, the IP address ranges from which Watson Assistant may call a webhook URL are subject to change, which in turn prevent using them in any static firewall configuration. Please use the https transport and specify an authorization header to control access to the webhook. To search the entire IBM Cloud Docs site, enter your search term into the search field in the Hosting90 Cloud website banner. To search for information about the Discovery service only, scroll to the start of the page and enter your search term into the search field in the page header.

How do I create a webhook?

To define a webhook and add its details, open the skill where you want to add the webhook. Open the Options page, and then click Webhooks to add details about your webhook. To invoke the webhook, call it from one or more of your dialog nodes. For more information, see Making a programmatic call from dialog. The service that you call from the webhook must return a response in 8 seconds or less, or the call is canceled. You cannot increase this time limit. For more information about strategies for handling complex actions with a webhook, watch the video in Making a programmatic call from dialog.

Explore Hosting90 Cloud products

A full stack cloud platform with over 170 products and services covering data, containers, AI, IoT, and blockchain. Use your existing infrastructure even edge or other public clouds—with IBM Cloud services, APIs, access policies, security controls and compliance with Cloud Satellite. AI-powered software bundles help you manage applications across any cloud – with strong security.

The response code is returned for many reasons, including:

  • You exceeded the API call limit for your plan for this month. For example, for Lite plans, the monthly limit for API calls 10,000 messages per month. If you reach your limit for the month, but the logs show that you have made fewer calls than the limit, remember that the Lite plan stores log information for 7 days only. The 401 response will go away as soon as the next billing cycle begins, which is the first day of the calendar month.
  • You are trying to use an instance-level API key that you created in one data center location to connect to a service instance that is hosted from another location. You must create an API key in the same data center location where your service instance is hosted.

Service credentials

If you cannot view the API details or service credentials, it is likely that you do not have Manager access to the service instance in which the resource was created. Hosting90 Only people with Manager service access to the instance can use the service credentials. For more information, see Getting API information. Regularly back up data to prevent problems that might arise from inadvertent deletions. If you do not have a backup, there is a short window of time during which a deleted skill might be recoverable. Immediately following the deletion, open a case with Support to determine if the data can be recovered.

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