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Hostika Web Hosting Review: For all VPS Servers and Shared Hosting services.

About Hostika

Payout in cash is available only for valid/registered Companies (legal entities). Hostika case of your affiliate program partner is natural person (not a company), then valid sole proprietorship or equivalent is needed. To get payout in cash you have to be able to issue Invoice for to pay you. Minimal payout in cash is 30EUR. Please note, that there is no such limitation if you want to use your commission balance to pay invoices for your services. To avoid fraud, any form of payout is valid after 60 days counted from the day of referred customer payment for the services, and only if ordered service is still active.

If referred customer cancels his services and asks for refund, then adequate related commission will be deducted from the Affiliate Program partner balance. Commission balance must be withdrawn within 1 year period counted from the day of commission adding to the available to withdraw balance. If commission is not withdrawn from balance for more than 1 year, then this past due commission is removed from the balance. They can send payouts to the following payment methods: PayPal, and EUR Bank Transfer.

Some Quick Facts Hostika Web Hosting

HostikaBasic Details
Hosting NameHostika
Price€0.75 /mo
Call Support+37065075411
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Hostika Price

Powerful VPS Servers at Best Prices

Hostika premium bare metal VPS Servers with up to 8 vCPU cores and up to 32GB RAM. Starting just from €2.75/month. Your servers is colocated in top level reliability (Tier 3) datacenter in Europe, in Vilnius city, Lithuania. Servers is protected against risks of flood or fire, and there is implemented physical security systems. Datacenter was projected as “builing in the building” to increase security and safety. Duplicated power supply and emergency diesel generators to keep servers up and running even in worst case of any external power supply problems. Datacenter has redundant network by using multiple optical inputs.

Domains Renewals And Expiration Notification

As domain owner, you will receive at least two domain renewal notifcations. First notification you will receive when there will be 1 month left until the domain expiration date. If you will not renew your domain on time, then you will receive second notification in the day of domain expiration. If you will not renew your domain, then it will fall to Renewal Grace Period. Hostika Renewal Grace Period you still be able to restore your domain for a Restoration Price shown in appropriate column. If you want to restore domain in Renewal Grace Period, then please login inside your client area and open support ticket inside, with restoration request.

Choose SSL Security Certificate

SSL Security Certificates helps to protect websites visitors connection to SSL enabled website. All traffic between visitor’s browser and SSL protected website is encrypted, so no one, except visitor and protected website, can read this traffic. SSL Security certificates are used by some serious companies and institutions, such as banks, online stores, payment systems, etc. If order not passed anti-abuse/anti-fraud/security checks, then it is marked as high risk order and is rejected. In this case Hostika.

LT reserves rights to not provide services for this order. If payment for this rejected order is already received, then this payment is refunded back to the same source (bank account, Paypal, credit card etc). If payment method does not allows to make refunds and in case of any other technical reasons or needs, Hostika. LT reserves rights to offer customer refund via other payment methods.

How does it work?

It is very easy to start. Just open account with here: and then activate your Affiliate Program here: If you already registered in your system, then you can just go directly to Affiliate Program page here: and login with your current account details. In Affiliate Program page you will find your unique referral link. You can place this link in your websites or in forums etc, to refer new customers.

In case of any doubts regarding customer’s provided contact/billing details correctness, Hostika.LT reserves rights to request from customer any additional proof documents to confirm customer’s identity, address and billing information, etc. If customer does not provide requested documents, then Hostina. LT reserves rights to not provide services for such customer.

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