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Hosterlabs Web Hosting Review: Find your new domain name.

About Hosterlabs

Providing services in a country such as Mexico has proven one of the most difficult tasks they have gone through. They have contacted a lot of providers and colocation offers. None have satisfied your demand and none offer what exactly need. IP’s are prohibitely expensive and as such they have gone ahead and developed a custom solution for your clients.

As it is hard to make an ideal plan for each customer, they developed a service where you tell what you need. Hosterlabs? Bandwidth? Here in Mexico each Mbps or 326GB of monthly bandwidth is at least 50$ USD. Each rented IP is 7$/month, an ASN is at least 2,000$/year an IP Block? As such, the entry prices and operating prices are the highest I have seen. It seems there is a lack of supply and an overwhelming demand.

Some Quick Facts Hosterlabs Web Hosting

HosterlabsBasic Details
Hosting NameHosterlabs
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Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Hosterlabs Price


There are problems that see with this bad and infuriating price strategies. First, they deter further growth in Mexico in the IT sector. Small and medium companies have to get hosted in the US. Why not in Mexico? They will be working to bring those prices down! If you did not know, an IP Block costs 24$/IP in the ARIN Region, meaning that transferring an IP From ARIN to LACNIC to then IAR.MX would be the best path. 60$/year per IP is very, very expensive and if not unjust. 

It seems that the market is not competitive enough yet as it opened it’s doors only recently to competition (around 2014?) Equally, the market has stablished a fixed price of 40$USD/month for each individual that wants to have an IP on their home networks. These prices are just an abuse to the consumer! They will be working to bring those prices down in the following months as scale UP on your deployment in Mexican Datacenter. 

How to connect to SolusVM Control panel?

To connect to your solusvm platform, you have recieved an e-mail with your login credentials such as your user and password. With this credentials, please proceed to the website: , where you will be able to access your server. As of now, they have made a custom solution. They just give you what you need. Just like a low-cost airline, you want an IP? Hosterlabs have to pay extra. You do not need an IPv4 but just IPv6? You get charged less. You only need 100GB Bandwidth? Well that’s fine 🙂 You tell what you need and they deploy it for you. This is to keep the prices very very low. All VPS’s in Mexico have similar if not the same restrictions. They are offering the cheapest as they can selling services at-cost.

Do you offer internal IP’s? Do you have internal network?

Hosterlabs do have an internal network setup for all your vm’s by default. Nevertheless it is not activated. For activate a private network inside your vps please contact support and it can only be done (for now) if you have a server on the same node. This can have huge advantages like an extremely fast transfer speed between the servers of up to 1Gbps or around 125MB/s. You will be able to make full usage of your NVMe drives.

They appreciate your interest in doing business with. They are receiving a very high number of orders as of now. Please be patient. They will provision your order as soon as possible. IPv6 orders require high amounts of manual input, as they are not compatible with your system. They need to work around this to be able to provision

Donation camping

Hosterlabs announced some weeks ago, they started a toy donation camping and they are realizing it today. They are publishing the captures of it in your new Instagram account; Also they will put some photos tonight in your Facebook page; https: // If you could give a like and a good review in your facebook page and a follow in your Instagram will help grow and make this family bigger and they will be very please of it. Hope you are enjoying your services. 

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