Homeros (HMR) Coin Review : It Is Good Or Bad Review 2021

Homeros (HMR) Coin Review : It Is Good Or Bad Review 2021

About Homeros (HMR)

Homeros (HMR) world of is too wide for any aspiring hero to explore in one day. Nevertheless, they have written here most of the technical stuff to help you grasp the vision. Learn more about what makes up the platform and how it works through this official whitepaper.

Homeros (HMR) Token coin is a leading crypto market research platform that offers accurate and real-time information on cryptocurrency data. It offers many features including ICOs, rankings, coin compare, watchlist, crypto news, and events.

Homeros (HMR) Aladdin Pro Wallet gives multi-layered protection with maximum security and transparency. It is a multi-asset wallet incorporating high-level encryption for transactions. It provides seamless and secure transfers bringing enterprise-grade functionality to the public.

Homeros (HMR) is a gaming company that created a blockchain-based platform to aid gamers in their quest to unleash glory on different games. Its state-of-the-art gaming tools are set to satisfy gamers globally.

Homeros (HMR) is designed to be a blockchain-based gaming platform that will take the game industry to the next level. We are inviting gamers, developers, and merchants to join innovative portal.

Homeros (HMR) aim to become a decentralized gaming ecosystem that will change the way games are developed and played. The platform is designed to accommodate the needs and interests of our comrades.

Homeros (HMR) Through the Homeros platform, community members can develop and launch blockchain games, play unique and custom games, trade in-game loots through the marketplace, and access quality game guides and walkthroughs.

Homeros (HMR) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Homeros
Short Name HMR
Circulating Supply514,542,615.34 HMR
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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Vision of Homeros

Homeros aims to become a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem that brings the experience of tomorrow to the gamers today. They have an interface and solution that are designed to accommodate gaming enthusiasts, developers, and merchants.

Through the Homeros platform, participants can benefit from the development and launching of blockchain games, secure in-game item marketplace, and access authentic game guides and walkthroughs.

As a decentralized community, Homeros provides a space for gamers and developers to collaborate in making games through initial game offerings (IGO). The community can also hold tournaments and crowdfund for the prize pot in HMR tokens.

Problems Faced by the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is continuously improving in terms of market growth and features. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing sectors today. However, old paradigms are still in effect, and the modern gamer struggles with the same problems today. We are here to change that.

HMR Token Economy

Integrate within games and the community

HMR will be the native token that will be used to purchase various in-game items and actual games within the Homeros Marketplace.

Access or create walkthroughs

Amateur players can access gaming guides within the Homeros platform where top players can create a video format to receive HMR tokens.

Upgrade in-game items

Players can use HMR tokens to boost their items within the Homeros Marketplace and acquire limited edition items once made available.

Crowdfund for game development (IGO)

HMR will be the sole crowdfunding asset used during initial game offerings (IGO) held by game developers on the Homeros Game Barracks.

Homeros History and Ecosystem

Homeros functions as a marketplace and ecosystem that benefits gamers, creators, and merchants. Created in 2020, it enables gamers to play games, developers to publish games, and merchants to find buyers and partners who will avail of their premium items and services.