HomeCoin Ico Review

HomeCoin Ico Review – Changing the Way America Buys Homes

About HomeCoin

New HomeCoin Agents.com is bringing home buying into the 21st century with the most advanced communications and connectivity software, which will empower the over 5 million U.S. home buyers, and motivate the over 1 million real estate agents, to expedite, invigorate and advance, a more productive home buying experience in the U.S. There has never been a more exciting time to be at the center of the U.S. residential real estate market, than right now. Today, with HomeCoin, you can be a part of it all.

The United States is a $1.8 Trillion dollar residential real estate market, the most dynamic economy in the world. Over 5,000,000 home buyers and over 1,200,000 licensed real estate agents, participate each year in the residential home buying experience.

HomeCoin Key Information

Token NameHomeCoin
ICO start25th Sep 2017
ICO end10th Oct 2017
Distributed in ICO50%
Tokens for sale500,000,000
AcceptingETH, BTC, Fiat
Token SymbolHOME
Token TypeERC20
Price in ICO1 HOME = 0.01 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

21st Century of Instant Communications

HomeCoin Buyers Direct Connect will revolutionize the traditional, conservative, real estate sales model and bring real estate sales into the 21st century of instant communications, connecting home buyers to real estate agents and immediately accelerating the home buying process. New Homes Agents.com has developed proprietary technology and communications connectivity software for the over 5 million home buyers in the U.S. to instantly connect with over 1.2 million real estate agents. As a pioneer in your proprietary Home Buyers Direct Connect instant agent connectivity software, via HomeCoin website and our mobile smart phone App, they have instantly integrated into:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

And over 100 Social Media sites and Apps, to instantly connect home buyers to real estate agents to expedite the communication, the connectivity, the searches, the listings, and the showings into HomeCoin new home buying system, all in one marketplace, ‘Only’ on New Homes Agents.com.

History generator

It is possible to synchronize multiple Proof of History generators in the HomeCoin network by mixing the sequence state from each generator to each other generator, and thus achieve horizontal scaling of the Proof of History generator. This scaling is done without sharding. The output of both generators is necessary to reconstruct the full order of events in the system. Proof of History, the basis for the HomeCoin network, is a sequence of computation that can provide a way to crypto graphically verify passage of time between two events. It uses a crypto graphically secure function written so that output cannot be predicted from the input, and must be completely executed to generate the output.

Platorm Secured

Embracing the unparalleled power and reach of social communications and combining it with a slick, mobile instantaneous payments platform secured on crypto graphically protected ledgers maintained on the WAVES blockchain, Saske will be a mobile solutions for Android and iOS devices that capitalises on the global dominance of mobile computing to create the world’s first ever, universal, daily-use digital currency.

HomeCoin Now everyone, from hard pressed, opportunity-deprived families in economically volatile regions, to fledgling start-ups, digital marketers, businesses both small and large, as well as anyone in between will finally be able to act and harness the power of the blockchain to overcome the financial obstacles frustrating their progress today.

Growing in Market Value

HomeCoin premium subscription fees and ad-based revenues. Other platforms allow students to share and even sell study notes to other users, but charge users more than $30 per month to access this content.While the actual content-providing students typically receive diluted benefits or site credit for their contributions, the leading platforms in the industry continue to claim the lion’s share of the profit while consistently growing in market value. The current industry is also highly vulnerable to the manipulation and exploitation of private student data for marketing purposes, as service providers trade user data to support ads running on their websites.