What Is Holdermoon ? (HLM) Complete Guide Review About Holdermoon .

What Is Holdermoon ? (HLM) Complete Guide Review About Holdermoon .

What Is Holdermoon ?

Holdermoon Coin token is an innovative project that aims to ensure continuity with the ecosystem it has created. Token has been redesigned with decentralized finance (DeFi) management. Token is focused on highly secure volume while developing DeFi with its Projects and Ecosystem.

Holdermoon Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHoldermoon Coin
Short NameHLM
Circulating Supply255,000,000.00 HLM
Total Supply800,000,000
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Mobıle payment make easy

Holdermoon Coin can use a mobile device to pay with simple steps

Reward on your wallet

There is a 7% deduction for every trade. 3% of this deduction is added to liquidity. 4% is distributed to all holders.

Protect the ıdentıty

Use a mobile device to pay with simple steps

Securıty & control over money

Holdermoon provide high levels of security to all users

Decentralized Platform

HolderMoon Token is a decentralized DeFi BEP-20 project that aims to destroy the negative inflation in front of it with its own system to reach the Moon..


The target mining application and all projects developed as an idea in the background will be integrated into the system through the token.

Burn Rate

Holdermoon Coin system, which they have established with Burn rates, will provide continuous income to the Holders.


Blockchain is a method of storing information in the form of a chain of blocks. Each subsequent block references the previous one, so that the removal of the intermediate link invalidates the entire chain. Blockchain technology is used in modern solutions of distributed networks, when information is written to the chain by many participants, none of which can change the previously recorded data. This approach allows you to create reliable and transparent records of all transactions made on the network at the technological level.

HolderMoon Finance

Holdermoon Coin Ratios and distributions One of the most important issues in decentralized finance is the liquid pool. In this system, which they designed, an amount of 3% is added to the HLM/BNB Liquid after each transaction. This configuration makes the situation sustainable for the ecosystem.

Another feature that Holder Moon has designed for his community is Reflection. If you keep Holder Moon in your wallet, HLM is added to your wallet for each exchange transaction that takes place. The static reflection rate specified in the smart contract in the clearing process is 4%. The stage of distribution is determined by the amount and total supply of all wallet holders. This process will provide HLM earnings at each clearing stage.

The Ecosystem

Holdermoon (HLM) Token is focused on the redevelopment of decentralized finance (DeFi) through project enhancements and ecosystem restructuring. They bringing improvements to the most problematic part of the ecosystem, designed to ensure DeFi is completely flawless.

The protocol they created to promote the keeping of tokens in wallets and ensure the full effective functioning of the secure exchange. At the same time, HLM is advancing in a structure that contributes to the projects and aims to host the projects within itself. In this way, the
budget cycle is transferred and provides a great advantage in providing volume.

How can I partıcıpate ın the ICO Token sale?

To participate Holdermoon Coin in an ICO you need cryptocurrencies, usually Ether or Bitcoin.
You can exchange token for Bnb Ethereum and Bitcoin Transfer your Coins from the Exchange to a Blockchain Wallet you Control.

  • Set up your Wallet.
  • Buy ICO Tokens.
  • Secure your Tokens.

The Vision of HolderMoon

The vision is to carry everyone on the journey forward with safe and stable volume gains. By integrating the projects they carry out with the team in the background into HolderMoon, they will carry the entire budget through HLM to obtain a valuable volume, and they will carry this forward by providing time and transaction-oriented gains with the distribution made. The ecosystem will increase the HLM value in the wallet by burning every transaction in the foreground in the database.