What Is Hero Cat Key(HCK)? Complete Guide Review About Hero Cat Key.

Hero Cat Key

What Is Hero Cat Key(HCK)?

Hero Cat Key is a Metaverse about cat heros. It bringing new gamefi play to earn experience to our players. Players can use Hero Cat crypto to fight, develop, upgrade, and join battles. Players will earn crypto by playing or contributing to the community. Every player can purchase a MINING PET (NFT). It will automatically mine and get HERO CAT TOKEN (HCT). By feeding MINING PET HCT or other cryptocurrencies, players can upgrade the hash-rate of the MINING PET. As MINING PET’s hash-rate gets higher, it can get the more HCT. HCT fed to Hero Cat will be destroyed and other cryptocurrency will be distributed to the community.

Hero Cat Key are a Token for all those who love Ethereum technology and cryptocurrency ether. This project has been launched on BEP20 so that investors who are afraid of investing in new projects on ERC20 due to high gas fees and relatively high investment, they can also invest small amounts in ETH Fan Token and enjoy the world of rewards and benefits in Crypto Ecosystem. The information contained in this whitepaper is for general understanding purposes only.

Hero Cat Key Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHero Cat Key
Short NameHCK
Circulating Supply300,000,000.00 HCK
Total Supply300,000,000
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Hero Cat Token

Hero Cat Key (HCT) is a decentralized token for game launch on BSC at the beginning. Total supply 100 billion. HCT will have a fair launch. All HCT will be distributed to the players. All players need to mine HCT in the game or contribute to community. HERO CAT TOKEN is your encrypted certificate. HCT is the foundation of democracy of this community.

Holders can also claim dividend manually anytime by paying gas fees, as sometimes due to rules for automatic distribution of dividend are not met on account of limited transactions and holders don’t want to wait for the smart contract to distribute it automatically. Hero Cat Key contract is enabled for hourly dividend which will be distributed to all the holders automatically and it will start the moment any holder will buy the token.


Hero Cat Key players receive HCT rewards when refer friends to join. More friends you invite, more HCT you get. Meanwhile, more players in the community, more HCT will be issued everyday. HCT is linked closely to the amount of players in the Met averse. From each buying transaction 1% of amount will automatically be added to the liquidity pool to make Hero Cat Key trading pool more strong and thereby ensuring stable growth along with possibilities for long term trading. In order to support this objective Liquidity will be locked on Pancake Swap for 5 Years.

Public Wallet

Hero Cat Key had pre-issued 100 billion units, reserved in the public wallet. Only withdrawal or purchased HCT will be destroyed and located. Players can search on the blockchain anytime they want. Take control of HERO CAT’s future. People holding HCT have right to vote for future developments. HCT can purchase services and goods on hero cat gaming platform.

Hero Cat Key will onboard reputed crypto portfolio experts to allocate some portion of the pool to invest in various new as well as established projects in ERC20 as well as BSC. Decision to invest and its liquidation will be taken on the basis of holders voting only. After the decision for liquidation is taken all funds collected from that particular investment will be distributed to the holders after deduction of fees for portfolio manager.