What Is Hellbound Squid (SQUIDBOUND)? Complete Guide Review About Hellbound Squid.

Hellbound Squid

What Is Hellbound Squid (SQUIDBOUND)?

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Hellbound Squid Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHellbound Squid
Circulating Supply5.00B SQUIDBOUND
Total Supply5,000,000,000
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Fight through hell to save your soul

Hellbound Squid The Game is a nonstop action packed NFT game built on the BSC. The goal is to fight through 20 intense and dangerous levels in order to win your soul back. Players can use their characters/ squids to fight and join battles and will earn crypto by playing or contributing to the community. You wake up in a green jumpsuit with a number on it. You’ve been given a chance to win back your soul.

P2E Functionality

Its very simple. Pass the most levels each week with the highest scores and earn tokens. All you need to do is place in the top 10 to have a chance. Hellbound Squid were inspired by their story lines and fantastic costumes, so they created a brand new original game with original characters. Your company coins thinking was what would happen to all these poor souls that lost their lives. Shouldn’t they have a 2nd opportunity to play a game in hell. So, they created this amazing this for you.

NFT Marketplace

Mint exclusive NFTS Use as characters in game. Each characters have their own special abilities and weapons. Hellbound Squid Ultra rare hard to find characters can be unlocked through the game or by minting. Start by choosing your favorite character. Mint new characters in the NFT store or build in game points to choose your favorite character.

For iOS or Google play the controllers are really simple by dragging your character with 1 finger and flinging them through the air to slice through the enemy with your sword. As your character flies, you can pivot back and forth mid air by just re-flinging them again with one finger. Enjoy the slow motion effect as your characters slice through the baddies like butter.

How do I earn points on the level

Earn points by killing as many Hellbound Squid creatures as possible and earn even more points through a combination of hits. Fight and battle through each level. Chop off the head of one particular bad guy and earn a KEY that unlocks the next level. They’re a community driven company that’s pushing the the name through social. They’re buying ads, paying for celebrities and bringing global exposure?

What is Hellbound Squid?

Hellbound Squid token is a DEFI token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Hellbound Squid – The Game is going to be the most exciting P2E game you will ever play. You’re been sent to hell, but you’re given an opportunity to save your soul. Fight through all of the levels to save your soul. This game is free to play, but you can also play to earn. Just buy and hold and you’ll see rewards automatically sent into your wallet every hour.

Earn points by playing the game and participating in the community. We have a weekly and daily leader-board. Play for free. Mint a character to play the game. The top 20 players with the highest point total will earn from that week’s pool. This project has been submitted for a 3rd party audit and they will add the audit as soon as its done.