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What Is Hector Finance (HEC)? Complete Guide Review About Hector Finance.

What Is Hector Finance (HEC)?

Hector Finance is a project which operates on the Fantom Opera Chain. A coins seek to create value for your users by developing a number of use cases within the Hector Ecosystem. Part of the revenues from these use cases will be used to buy and burn Hector tokens from the market. Over 2022 Hector will expand to become multi-chain.Stablecoins like USDT and USDC have become an integral part of the Crypto space. They use them to store non-volatile value, allowing to maintain the same amount of purchasing power from day to day.

Unfortunately, this isn’t actually how the US Dollar works. The Federal Reserve controls the minting of US Dollars, and it’s fiscal policies have consistently led to the depreciation of its currency. Hector Finance This means that a Dollar today is worth more than a Dollar tomorrow. Hector Finance will position itself as a financial centre to facilitate a multitude of use cases within the Fantom ecosystem. A want to make it as easy, efficient, and fast as possible to manage your assets, lend/borrow, earn interest on staking, bridge between chains, launch new projects, and much more.

Hector Finance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHector Finance
Short NameHEC
Circulating Supply3,336,275.18 HEC
Total Supply3,442,965
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To provide long-term value to users

Users have placed a great deal of trust into the project and team. This is something that Hector Finance will never take for granted. Every decision make is made with long-term growth in mind. It is your mission to create something which can provide stable growth and bring out the very best that the Fantom Chain has to offer.

To aid the growth of the Fantom Opera Chain by producing high quality products and providing value

Hector Finance love the Fantom Opera Chain. They love the functionality, ease-of-use, and speed. They love how scalable it is. This think company Fantom ecosystem presents a significant opportunity for growth, and they want to help that happen. To date they’ve donated thousands of FTM tokens (about 2,000 at the time of writing this) to new users of the Fantom network in order to help them with their first transactions. When you consider that they give 0.1FTM per transaction. That means they’ve paid for the first transactions of up to 20,000 wallets in the network.

Hector Finance is a recipient of the Fantom Foundation Incentives Grant

From February 2022 through February 2023, Hector Finance will be a recipient of the Fantom Foundation Incentives Grant. Each month, the Fantom Foundation will give a portion of it’s tokens to the project to fund it. The amount of tokens received depends on a number of factors, but currently they will be receiving 2,500,000 tokens over 12 months.

How do I buy HEC?

Hector Finance find that most of your users are not yet on the Fantom Opera Chain. Therefore, they have written a series of guides on how to bring funds form other networks into HEC. The Treasury is the multisignature-protected safe in which they keep the majority of the stablecoins and volatile coins owned by the DAO. In December 2021, the risk-free treasury of Hector Finance passed $100,000,000 for the first time. The treasury is used for a few main purposes.


Bonding is one of the ways in which Hector Finance generates profits. The protocol will sell bonds of other tokens like DAI for discounted HEC tokens, which will then be vested for gradual release to the bonding party. This allows full-time users to actively manage their HEC portfolio and generate significant rewards over time whilst also supporting the growth of Hector Finance by financing its liquidity and facilitating more upwards price movement.

Investment Returns

From time to time, the community votes to invest parts of the treasury into projects on various networks. The returns from these investments are owned by the treasury. More info about treasury investments, as well as a complete list of investments can be found here. Whilst investments remain in the treasury, it’s relevant to list them as a ‘temporary outflow’ since they are being converted from stablecoins (risk-free) to other coins (volatile).

The DAO Wallet

The DAO Wallet can be considered as more of a “Warm Wallet” equivalent of the Treasury. Hector Finance where the Treasury is meant for the long term storage of coins, the DAO Wallet is used for expenses like Buyback & Burn (in some cases), Marketing Funds, Development Funds and Salary Funds. Sub projects are the name given to the use cases they are developing at Hector DAO. The profit from these sub projects will be stored in the DAO Wallet. A portion of the profit will be used to buy and burn tokens from the market. Some profit may be sent back to the treasury.