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What Is Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About

What Is Coin Review ? consists of a decentralized application (DAPP) and a hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency with a max supply of 217.000.000 running on the Binance Smart Chain. It allows you to stake your stablecoins ($BUSD) and earn a passive reward in HEARN (our hyper deflationary cryptocurrency). As of today, stablecoin staking or lending is not much profitable. Usually, annual interest starts from an APY of 1%, reaching 15/18% in rare cases. fixes this by giving you a higher APY on your stablecoin thanks to a unique buyback mechanism and by locking the staking. It also offers a rewarding referral program that pays 5% of the value deposited by the referees.

SNAPN Go Out Now (GON) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSNAPN Go Out Now
Short NameGON
Circulating Supply100,000,000.00 GON
Max Supply100,000,000
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Tokenomics Hyper deflationary tokenomics, as discussed above. 90% of the staked $BUSD are used to buy back tokens and then burn them. This means that the value of token will raise at every buyback because take a certain amount of circulation forever. On top of that every 30 days the amount of tokens issued is reduced by 2%. 10% of staked $BUSD is used for liquidity, or if a referral link is used 5% is used for liquidity and 5% goes to the referrer. referral system is one level only, no multilevel referral. In other words a referee cannot become a referrer.

Earn crazy APR on your dollars ($BUSD) with decentralized stablecoins staking protocol. aim to offer higher yields than traditional stablecoins staking or lending platforms thanks to unique locking and buyback mechanism. A safe haven during bear markets and not only!

Get Started! Trustwallet app (or metamask extension) on your smartphone, remember to add BSC chain if you choose to use metamask.


Buy BUSD on Binance or any other exchange and transfer them to trustwallet or metamask wallet via BEP20 chain. Make sure to have some BNB to cover gas fees.

(H)earn! You are now ready to start your journey with and earn passive interests on your staking


Stablecoins are virtual currencies collateralized on the value of other assets such as fiat currency, commodities, or other cryptocurrencies. They are meant to be more stable and not subject to the very high price volatility that affects other cryptocurrencies. $BUSD is pegged to the US dollar; the peg has prompted the creation of staking and lending protocols to invest stablecoins and create an income without losing the value of the staked stablecoins. However, although the value remains stable, the staking and lending yields offered on stablecoins are really low. The following are the reasons why they are low and what plans to do to change the status quo:

Solutions solution is based on locked deposits (users can’t withdraw the principal deposit/stake), liquidity owned by the protocol, managing the number of our high deflationary token (HEARN) in circulation, and contracts with no expiry date.

Locked Deposits they stake $BUSD, users cannot withdraw them; this rule enables to offer such high returns on stablecoins. It is the strength of our proposition. 100% stake means 0% sell; liquidity is guaranteed. 90% of deposited assets ($BUSD) are used to buy back HEARN tokens (our reward token) and 10% for liquidity generation. If staking follows a referral link, 5% is used for liquidity generation, and 5% goes to the referrer; the buyback percentage does not change. In this way, long-term stability is improved, and can offer higher APYs. The risk of losing the dollar value of the deposited asset is negligible

Why Choose

Referral program: more ways to earn! offer a rewarding referral program that pays you 5% of the deposits of the people you have referred!

Auto Buyback & Burn mechanism protocol runs 24/7 on the blockchain without human intervention, also buybacks and burns are made automatically and not by our team!

Hyper Deflationary Emission Rate Every 864,000 blocks protocol automatically reduces the token emission rate by 2%, making token very deflationary and scarce!

Higher Yields than others! Thanks to unique tokenomics can offer higher yields than other DeFi apps!

Protocol Owns the Liquidity is held by the protocol so that it cannot be removed by users

217 Million Max Supply No more than 217 million HEARN will be minted, making HEARN a scarce asset!