What Is Hatter (HATTER)?

What Is Hatter (HATTER)? Complete Guide Review About Hatter.

What Is Hatter (HATTER)?

The initial idea was simple buy and hold, and you’ll earn $TIME rewards automatically in your wallet. (3,3) However, was just the beginning. Hatter vision is to develop an entire rewards-based income ecosystem on the Avalanche network – and they are just getting started. By empowering crypto users and leveraging the best utility tokens that the AVAX network has to offer, aim to build something truly unique on the Avalanche blockchain.

Hatter Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHatter
Short NameHATTER
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
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The Mission

The Hatter team is ambitious and highly motivated, and they want to provide crypto users with the ability to earn from their favourite Avalanche tokens in a completely scalable, DeFi manner. $HATTER is built on top of the Wonderland finance ecosystem. By enabling holders to earn $TIME and earn through staking, as well as being exposed to the price action on, they open new avenues for earning on the Avalanche network.

What’s more – as the Rewards Ecosystem expands, all holders of will be airdropped your upcoming governance token. In the future, all tokens (e.g $JOSEPH) or apps that are launched in the Rewards Ecosystem will serve to fuel our governance token. With the launch of $JOSEPH, they showed the community the power that an ever-expanding rewards ecosystem on Avalanche can have. Your friends at Trader Joe understand your vision, and have recognised the potential of this project.

Hatter team

The Hatter team is composed of a small number of well experienced, highly motivated individuals with a passion for the Avalanche network and passive earning systems (3,3). They saw an opportunity to develop a rewards token ecosystem on the Avalanche network and knew that could develop something far beyond what had been done before.

Inspired by the legendary work of the Wonderland Finance team, aim to provide smart earning solutions to all your holders. The team comes from a background of working in Web3 development and blockchain technology, as well as members with experience in the business development and financial sectors.


Liquidity is 100% locked because the team is fully committed to the token and developing something truly innovative. $JOE is the native currency of Trader Joe, the leading exchange on Avalanche. Rewards can be used for staking, farming, and more. Simply hold $Hatter, & earn $Time automatically in your wallet. With so much $Time on your hands, the $Hatter team is ready to see how far down the rabbit hole can go.

How to Buy

Setup your account & make sure you’re connected to the avalanche network. Use Binance to purchase AVAX and send it over to your MetaMask Wallet Address. Or if you already have AVAX, simply send it to your MetaMask Wallet. Head over to the Trader Joe Exchange and swap your AVAX for.(if you already hold another token, you can swap that directly for $HATTER too). You are now an Official hodler. Join Hatter Telegram to stay up to date with the teams announcements & progress.

What is the deal

Staking and bonding are considered beneficial to the agreement, while the sale has no effect. Staking and selling will also cause price changes, while Bounding will not (Hatter believe that buying from the market is a prerequisite for staking, which leads to price changes). If these two actions are beneficial, then participants in mobile prices also get half of the benefits (+1).

As the protocol controls the funds in its treasury, ICE can only be minted or burned by the protocol. This also guarantees that the protocol can always back 1 ICE with 1 MIM.