Harapan Ico Review – Change Malaysia via Cryptocurrency

Harapan Ico Review

About Harapan

Harapan have finger on the pulse of current developments in the crypto market every day and want to inform readers clearly, clearly and, above all, easily understandable about current events on the crypto market and provide a solid basis for investment decisions. Coincierge has been part of the editorial network of finixio Limited since 2019. With this cooperation they can fall back on an even larger network of experts and exclusive research – since then they have been able to significantly increase the quality of reporting.

Harapan goal is that readers make the right decisions when investing, be it in choosing the right broker, the right wallet or the right coin to invest. Transparency is the top priority in analyzes and reporting. They believe in cryptocurrencies and are largely investors and developers ourselves – so report with first-hand experience.

Harapan Key Information

Token NameHarapan
ICO start4th Apr 2018
ICO end20th Feb 2020
preICO start1st Jan 2018
preICO end3rd Apr 2018
Token TypeERC-20
Token SymbolHRP
PreICO price1 HRP = 0.2 USD
Price in ICO0.3000 USD
Hard cap257,750,000 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Newyorkswap

Harapan Ico Review - Change Malaysia via Cryptocurrency

What is Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up is an automated  trading robot that only trades Bitcoin. The trading bot uses an algorithm that uses  past price developments and current market events to predict   the future Bitcoin price. Depending on his findings, he then becomes active  in buying or selling Bitcoin. Of course, the highest possible profit should be left over. 

As a user, you can deposit money and the trading robot will then do the rest. Thus, on the one hand, you can save time and rely on the artificial intelligence of the bot, instead of making trading decisions yourself based on gut instinct or impulsive trading decisions.

How does Bitcoin Up work?

Harapan Up is an automated trading software that  aims to achieve maximum profit for its users by trading Bitcoin – i.e. both buying and selling Bitcoin. Such trading bots use an algorithm, i.e. a program that has been specially developed for trading a certain system, in the case of Bitcoin Up, i.e. Bitcoin. 

This program  continuously analyzes the current crypto market  and compares this with the past price development of Bitcoin. The software also pays attention to how certain factors and variables have affected the Bitcoin price. Based on this knowledge, the future course should then be forecast; even the best automated trading systems cannot look into the future.

The website

Harapan the Bitcoin Up website we find a  prominent headline that promises an effective path to great wealth. Below is a video in which many celebrities express their interest and curiosity about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is hailed as a new and groundbreaking currency that does not need to be managed by any central bank. Bitcoin Up is the opportunity to get  rich with  Bitcoin .

On the right side is a form in which you should fill in your name and contact details. Bitcoin Up promises high profits of up to EUR 1,200 per day. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and the algorithms of the trading robot would do the work for you. 

Is Bitcoin Up legitimate or a scam?

In recent months, more and more such providers have appeared on the Internet, making it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. From experience reports from other providers it is unfortunately clear that there are also some black sheep among these providers. That is why it is always good to research other opinions about the provider on the Internet.

  • The Bitcoin Up website does not offer a huge amount of information, but it does seem serious and secure. In addition, it is clearly explained how a user should proceed .
  • It is made clear that Bitcoin Up would not be multilevel marketing or affiliate marketing.
  • As a user of the website, you will also be advised of the secure 128-bit encryption of the service. So your personal information is safe and will not be shared with anyone else.
  • In the footer of the website you will find the cookie notice and you will be informed that Bitcoin Up can not guarantee you concrete profits  .
  • However, the information provided should be treated with a little caution. The video claims that the trading bot can predict price movements with 82% accuracy. If this is really true, Bitcoin Up would be one of the best robots on the market.
  • The  trading results should be achieved with 20 minutes per day, which we consider to be a correct indication for an automated trading robot.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin Up?

Because Harapan Up is an automated trading robot, the trading bot can work for you. So you can benefit from the ongoing price fluctuations in Bitcoin without having to deal with the crypto markets in detail  or having to sit for long hours in front of the PC or the price charts. Bitcoin Up is also useful because you don’t  have to struggle with buying physical Bitcoin and  managing it in a Bitcoin wallet.

Harapan direct purchase of physical Bitcoin can be a sensible investment for many crypto fans, but handling a crypto wallet has  to be learned. If you just want to make money with Bitcoin, a trading robot like Bitcoin Up could be just the thing for you.

Is Bitcoin Up Legal?

You might be wondering whether trading with an automated bot is even legal and permissible. Harapan can reassure you: YES, Bitcoin Up is legal. There is absolutely nothing against the use of automated trading systems for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The fact is that a large part of today’s trading on the international financial markets is controlled by automated trading robots and algorithms.  

The reason for their popularity is that they can trade unemotionally and purely on the basis of facts – namely mathematical models that are nourished by past price developments and the correlation of numerous market variables and factors. This removes the human component from trading that is actually prone to error.

Bitcoin Up to financial success

Harapan is a trading robot that uses algorithms to calculate past price developments in order to predict the future Bitcoin price. With the artificial intelligence of the robot, it is superior to that of any human in terms of precision and speed. In addition, it acts free of emotions but only using mathematical algorithms.

  • free demo account
  • Adaptable with your own knowledge
  • Market response within seconds
  • Also available in German
  • No emotion, just data and facts