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What Is Harambe Protocol (RIPH)? Complete Guide Review About Harambe Protocol.

What Is Harambe Protocol (RIPH)?

Harambe Protocol use of any company and/or platform names or trademarks herein (save for those which relate to the Company, the Distributor or their respective affiliates) does not imply any affiliation with, or endorsement by, any third party. References in the Whitepaper or the Website to specific companies and platforms are for illustrative purposes only. The Whitepaper and the Website may be translated into a language other than English for reference purpose only and in the event of conflict or ambiguity between the English language version and translated versions of the Whitepaper or the Website, the English language versions shall prevail.

You acknowledge that you have read and understood the English language version of the Whitepaper and the Website. All statements contained herein, statements made in press releases or in any place accessible by the public and oral statements that may be made by the Company, the Distributor and/or the Harambe Protocol Team, may constitute forward-looking statements (including statements regarding the intent, belief or current expectations with respect to market conditions, business strategy and plans, financial condition, specific provisions and risk management practices).

You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements given that these statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual future results to be materially different from that described by such forward-looking statements, and no independent third party has reviewed the reasonableness of any such statements or assumptions.

These forward-looking statements are applicable only as of the date indicated in the Harambe Protocol, and the Company, the Distributor as well as the Harambe Protocol Team expressly disclaim any responsibility (whether express or implied) to release any revisions to these forward-looking statements to reflect events after such date.

Harambe Protocol Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHarambe Protocol
Short NameRIPH
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Harambe Protocol token

The cryptographic fungible token (ticker symbol) is a utility token on the gaming ecosystem. Harambe Protocol is a utility token which are used as the mode of exchange between participants in a decentralised manner. The purpose of introducing is to provide a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between players. This does not in any way represent any shareholding, participation, right, title, or interest in the Company, the Distributor, their respective affiliates, or any other company, enterprise or undertaking, nor will entitle token holders to any promise of fees.


Harambe Protocol functions as a loyalty membership point, so users will be classified into different VIP levels based on the amount of staked. The VIP level would allow players to gain bonus in-game attributes (e.g. +10% game reward). So is staked, the higher VIP level is granted. Through staking of Harambe Protocol, players also gain governance rights to decide the theme of question asked in the tournament.

NFTs minting

Harambe Protocol has adopted a different approach from traditional NFT games. The team wanted to make your Harambe Protocol unique and low in production. So will roll out NFT in three phases. In Phase One, they will award NFT heroes to the top few players in the tournament. The team wish to reward players who put in time and effort into playing. Therefore, the majority of the tournament questions will come from the game question database. In Phase Two, players can mint NFT heroes with bonus in-game attributes using. In Phase Three will roll out NFT badges to players who have reached certain milestone.

Binance Smart Chain

Harambe Protocol will be using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) infrastructure for smart contract deployment of the token. The team chose to list the token on BSC due its low transaction fees, compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), huge scalability potential, and ability to large volume of transactions. The game will be built using Unity software. The team believes that Unity is well suited for 2D games and mobile game development.

Unity also provides great support services, wide compatibility across 25+ leading platforms and has a vast collection of documentation. Harambe Protocol team is planning to launch the NFT generated from the Arena tournament on the BSC, Solana and Polygon blockchain network.

Uncertain Regulations and Enforcement Actions

The regulatory status of Harambe Protocol and distributed ledger technology is unclear or unsettled in many jurisdictions. The regulation of digital assets has become a primary target of regulation in all major countries in the world. It is impossible to predict how, when or whether regulatory agencies may apply existing regulations or create new regulations with respect to such technology and its applications, including.

Regulatory actions could negatively impact in various ways. Harambe Protocol Company, the Distributor (or their respective affiliates) may cease operations in a jurisdiction in the event that regulatory actions, or changes to law or regulation, make it illegal to operate in such jurisdiction, or commercially undesirable to obtain the necessary regulatory approval(s) to operate in such jurisdiction.

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