What Is H2O DAO (H2O)?

What Is H2O DAO (H2O)? Complete Guide Review About H2O DAO.

What Is H2O DAO (H2O)?

Aggregate the community and distribute benefits for users early testing opportunities for community-based products, project token rewards, whitelisting and other participation mechanisms. Help community members enjoy industry development dividends in the process of H2O DAO industry development, spread the spirit of decentralization, and shape brand value. The blockchain industry is developing rapidly, daily information dynamics emerge in an endless stream, and hot spots are changing rapidly. The H2O community will provide all members with the latest and hottest industry information.

H2O DAO The Foundation shall lead and promote the development and construction of the community, and complete the work of project planning, budget evaluation, development implementation, and continuous follow-up. At the same time, the Foundation is required to make a timely publicity of the recent work plan, the latest progress, and the whereabouts of each budget expenditure to the community. The Foundation shall approve and monitor the progress and implementation of community proposals and make them public in a timely manner.

H2O DAO Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameH2O DAO
Short NameH2O
Circulating Supply15,810,016.00 H2O
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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There are many new projects in the industry, and the lack of popularity of early projects makes it difficult for users to discover. H2O DAO will provide community members with many benefits such as token airdrops and whitelisting. Anyone of the community members and BPs can participate in the election of the foundation. Candidates shall clarify the responsibilities of the foundation and make plans for community development during the term of office. At the election, candidates shall present their plans in turn. BPs will vote and the person with the highest votes will serve for the Foundation.

Traffic and Fundraising

The H2O DAO community has many fans and users, and the project party can gain traffic and exposure in the community. At the same time, excellent early-stage projects can also obtain fundraising channels in the community. The Budget System of EOSC main net has been running for six months with the management of the Budgeting Committee elected by the community.

Based on the exploration experience for half a year, found that distributed and collaborative non-fund management professionals cannot fully utilize the vitality of the organization and promote the ecological development of the budget system. In order to better explore the governance model of the budget system on the blockchain, based on the EOSC main net consensus mechanism, it is proposed to introduce an entrusted foundation governance solution, hereinafter referred to as the Foundation.


H2O DAO is the governance token of the H2O platform. Community members can adjust and modify the relevant benefits and rights of the H2O platform by voting. Regarding the problem of CPU Limit for recent operations, it is proposed to adjust the fee of EOSC Main net to enable the on-chain transactions to use more CPU and proceed normally. The specific proposal is as follows. The tenure of the Foundation shall be 6 months. After it has run out, if BPs do not actively renew the contract on the chain, the foundation account will lose the control of the budget system and the Foundation will also be re-elected.


H2O DAO are responsible for supervising the Foundation. If the Foundation does not operate properly and fails to achieve the expected goals, the account control of the budget system can be modified when more than 2/3 BPs approve. A budget shall be proposed for the expenditure of the Foundation and community proposals from the budget system. It will enter a 7-day publicity period after being approved by the Foundation.

If there is no objection during the publicity period, a withdrawal proposal can be proposed, and H2O DAO will be automatically transferred to proposer’s account when the withdrawal proposal is approved. If more than 1/3 BPs vote against the budget proposal during the publicity period, the proposal will be rejected.