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What Is Gummy Bull Token (GUMMY)? Complete Guide Review About Gummy Bull Token.

What Is Gummy Bull Token (GUMMY)?

Gummy Bull Token is the first decentralized social lottery platform immune to the bear market. Farm it, send it, vote with it, and above all, gamble with it! Get some yummy GUMMY tokens and, when you feel lucky, play with them in your fun, social and exclusive games the Gummy Lottery and the Flavor Teams. Most importantly, join your community and spend a good time with.

Take digital storytelling and immersion to the next level using life-like holograms.  XR lets you differentiate yourself, cut through massive ad clutter and realize unprecedented success by bringing your product and brand stories to life for your customers. Gummy Bull Token can show you how to apply XR to your business, create your go-to-market strategy, and reap the benefits that no other technology platform can provide.

Gummy Bull Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGummy Bull Token
Short NameGUMMY
Circulating Supply8,976,267.00 GUMMY
Total Supply100,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Blockchain Transparency

All of your games leverage the transparency of the Gummy Bull Token Smart Chain to power a unique and provably fair experience. Your games employ Chain link state-of-the-art VRF (Verifiable Random Function) technology to ensure the integrity and the verifiability of your random draws. Gaming the results is simply not an option. Your smart contracts have been audited by HashEx. The audit can be found here.

Gummy Lottery

Participate in your daily Gummy Lottery for a chance of winning Jack’s Pot and 50% of all the lottery tickets purchased.

Flavor Teams

Because it’s more fun together, team up with friends and help your team win against all the other teams. Gummy Bull Token Every week a new Flavor Team is launched and the winning team takes it all home.

Fat Burn

Gummy Bull Token GUMMY and wait for the big fat burn. Every day, Jack burns 50% of the GUMMY he receives, making GUMMY more precious over time. They give you the ability to collect highly valuable data across multiple viewing devices and measure view ability at the most granular levels. Let your customers use their phones to bring your products to life in ways limited only by your imagination. Create a virtual spokesperson to a live event, bring products to life and much more.

The Possibilities are limitless

Gummy Bull Token production team will help you create and implement an XR experience customized for your specific needs. XR capabilities are virtually limitless. Need an easy to use XR product placement campaign? A cutting-edge virtual training program? An AR generated spokesperson to lead this year’s virtual convention? How about a fully immersive tour of your soon to be built resort in Bali? With all these things are not only possible and traceable, but most importantly, they maximize engagement.

The Data Difference

With over 50+ patents, Gummy Bull Token is the only XR company with the unique ability to capture and analyze 3D data from unlimited XR environments. This technology allows companies to collect data at the most granular level resulting in the truly unprecedented ability to personalize engagements and maximize return on investment. Never before has advertising been so effective and efficient.

Gummy Bull Token makes it possible to collect highly valuable data across multiple viewing devices, eliminate wasteful ad placements, measure view ability with the added protection of your specialized anti-fraud technology and algorithms.

What is XR?

Gummy Bull Token is an all-inclusive term for technologies that can take you beyond the limitations of your everyday environment. It’s where the real world meets virtual and it’s pretty amazing. XR includes immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and MR (Mixed or Hybrid Reality). At its core, XR technology allows users to interact with extended reality environments, objects or even people as if they were in the real world. These virtual experiences create powerful emotional connections between businesses and their consumers.

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