What Is Gulden (NLG)? Complete Guide Review About Gulden.

What Is Gulden (NLG)?

G-DASH is a lightweight, responsive, web-based user interface for Gulden users who run a wallet, node, witnessing account, or all of the above on a unix server (i.e. a Raspberry Pi). Using this dashboard users can keep an eye on their NLG server and control their nodes and witnessing account without the need of a terminal. It also includes the option to control a wallet, and the software has auto-update functionality to make sure you always run the latest version of G-DASH.

This dashboard is created with the idea to keep everything as simple as possible, so even people who are not very good with computers or don’t understand how to set up a witness account can use this functionality of Gulden. Of course, new ideas and comments are always welcome. You can find me on the slack (@bastijn) at, or via e-mail at bastijn[at] I’m happy to talk to you, to answer any questions and to listen to any feedback.

Gulden Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGulden
Short NameNLG
Circulating Supply560,079,144.00 NLG
Total Supply560,083,644
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A Witness is a NLG user that has locked his or her Gulden (min. 5000 Gulden) for a certain period of time (min. 1 Month) and receives interest from the system itself. A Witness is anonymous and is selected at random. The miner needs a Witness to verify the block before it becomes valid. Witnesses can only verify blocks that play according to the rules, so a miner has to share a block immediately to avoid losing money. This prevents miners from misbehaving.

Gulden core is decentralized and open source

The code is accessible to everyone and can be verified by anyone. This Contributions from experienced developers are welcomed. You can write code, solve bugs, discuss code or help develop nlg. B.V. processes your personal data by using your services and/or because you provided with your personal data.

Is Gulden mineable?

This can be mined very well by individuals using your own computer. But don’t expect to get rich immediately. Mining is simply done in the desktop wallet. Here you can find a manual. They try to be as complete as possible, but everything remains human work. All moves and / or spelling errors are reserved. All rights reserved. If you use texts from this website in a publication, we assume you place a link or source listing.

Does Gulden have a budget for marketing?

NLG is not a company with a marketing department and so on. Gulden is decentralized and marketing must therefore be set up and paid by the community. However, good plans can count on support from the same community and possibly a little budget is available from the developing rewards.

The “marketcap” shows what the total value of all issued Guldens are in dollars. You can check the “marketcap”, for example, at: Coin marketcap. com or However, both websites show different market cap-values for nlg. The community makes sure new ideas spring to life and answer questions from new users. Anyone can sign up for the slack to ask questions, propose ideas or meet new people within the community.