Guardium Ico Review – Token for Global Decentralized Emergency Response

Guardium Ico Review

About Guardium

Guardium Circle provides a community emergency response network. Mobile devices are used to create ‘flash mobs of help’ anywhere on earth. Six billion people have no emergency response. Four billion are unbanked. Guardian Circle + $GUARD cryptocurrency provide a way for citizens to help and reward one another. Guardian Circle’s API allows any manufacturer to plug any alert device into Guardian Circle: panic buttons, crash detection, voice interfaces, heart rate monitors, etc. Guardian Circle DISPATCH allows private security and private medical response to control a geofenced service area.

The biggest benefits of using an automated trading app are to ensure faster trades, to stick to a specific trade strategy and not to deviate from this, to eliminate emotions and stress, and lower transaction costs. Guardium traders may find it hard to accept a lack of control over their trades. Moreover, not all automated trading apps are successful and have debatable success rates. Over optimizing strategies may turn out to be counterproductive because it fails to take into account real-time events. So, picking the right software is critical to developing automated trading systems. Faulty apps can cause hefty losses when you trade in financial markets.

Guardium Key Information

Token NameGuardium
ICO start3rd May 2018
ICO end1st Jun 2018
Tokens for sale30,000,000
Price in ICO0.2646 USD
Token SymbolGDM
Token TypeNEP-5
Distributed in ICO30%
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Guardium

Guardium Ico Review - Token for Global Decentralized Emergency Response


  • Supports multiple inbound simultaneous Alerts (useful in mass-emergencies)
  • Full $GUARD cryptocurrency wallet in-app
  • Control who can see your Alerts
  • Control who can send you Alerts
  • Full Alert Transcripts

Guardian Circle organizes your response team

  • Your Guardians and public responders enter your Alert Room
  • Everyone’s location is shared. Everyone can talk to everyone. Now they can make a plan to help you fast.
  • Tip Guardium and public responders with $GUARD cryptocurrency

First global citizen community

The Guardium Token and Guardian Circle open the emergency response grid to peer-to-peer citizen response, private response and third party devices for the very first time. Six billion people have no 9-1-1. Four billion are unbanked. By providing an open emergency response network with a token-based economy built in, viable safety networks can arise spontaneously for the very first time. Odds are that friends, family and neighbors are closest and can help you fastest. ‘Edge delivery of help’ can be transformative, especially since 9-1-1 does not know your location when you call from a mobile device.

Guardian Circle Referral Program

The Guardium Circle network is powered by the GUARD cryptocurrency token. Inviting people to the network is one of the primary mechanisms they reward a members for. There are two ways to receive GUARD tokens for inviting new users to the network. The first is simply by inviting your friends and family to guard each other in emergencies. The second is by sharing your “affiliate link” via social media, email and websites.

Referall rewards are only awarded for signups of new users not already part of the Guardian Circle emergency response network. In other words, invitations or referrals for exising users of the system shall not be awarded GUARD tokens. Refer all rewards are subject to Guardian Circle’s discretion and can be denied for abuse, fraud or suspicion thereof. All transactions are scored and audited to curb abuse of the system.

Trading App

To use a trading app that automates trades on your behalf you need to select a platform and then establish the rules of trade or your trade strategy. Guardium can use your past experience to set the rules and the customized algorithm will apply the set criteria to execute trades automatically for you. Learn more about the bitcoin system which is driven by the customized algorithm. These factors typically include the trade timings, prices at which a trade will be opened or closed, and the volume of trade.