Guardian Gold Ico Review

Guardian Gold Ico Review – Gold Backed Digital Currency

About Guardian Gold

But the last year has demonstrated that Guardian Gold are still in a period of high volatility. Guardian Gold is the bridge from the past to the future. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have recently displayed high volatility and could theoretically go all the way to zero. Guardian Gold cannot drop below the value of gold. The United States has accumulated over $21 Billion in national debt. If there is any significant increase in interest rates, the U.S. and the rest of the world economy will face an enormous financial crisis.

Guardian Gold unique product of cryptocurrency back by physical gold is the perfect protection against a potential looming financial crisis. Guardian Gold is a new cryptocurrency that is also backed by physical gold. Guardian Gold can be redeemed for physical gold at any time. A physical gold is held in secure vaults around the world. All gold is meticulously accounted for and regularly inspected. This feature this reporting right on your website. GGT can be exchanged for physical gold within 7 days of the redemption of GGT tokens.

Guardian Gold Key Information

Token NameGuardian Gold
Soft cap500,000 USD
Hard cap1,000,000 USD
Distributed in ICO50%
Tokens for sale25,000,000
AcceptingBTC, fiat
Token SymbolGGTG
Token TypeERC20
Price in ICO125.0000 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Guardian Gold

Guardian Gold Ico Review - Gold Backed Digital Currency

GGT Token

Guardian Gold is a cryptocurrency that has all of the benefits of a digital currency along with security of the backing by 100% physical gold. This provides a floor for the ultimate price of GGT, but there is no ceiling. GGT tokens are ERC-20 compliant which are deployed on the Ethereum network. GGT contain the full cryptographic security of the Ethereum network protocols. Each 1 GGT token is backed by 1 gram of 99.99% gold cast bars from London Bullion Market Association approved refiners. GGT tokens will initially be purchased using the Ethereum cryptocurrency. GGT tokens will be sold and minted in multiple rounds. GGT tokens can be purchased on the Guardian Gold website.

GGT Backed by Physical Gold

  • Each GGT token is backed by 1 gram of 99.99% gold cast bars from London Bullion Market Association approved refiners.
  • Your physical gold is stored with a heavily secured vaulting service in Singapore
  • All GGT physical gold is uniquely identified and owned by the GGT token holders
  • Within 7 days of the minting of new GGT tokens, the corresponding amount of physical gold is purchased, vaulted, inspected, and recorded.
  • GGT tokens can be redeemed for physical gold within 10 business days(32 GGT minimum)
  • GGT tokens can be redeemed for Ethereum at any time(1 GGT minimum)
  • There is Zero charge to GGT token holders for physical gold storage
  • There is Zero charge for GGT token transfers(except for any Ethereum transaction costs)

Proof of Stake Reward

Guardian Gold intends to be the leader in the digitization of physical gold. With GGT you will be able to send your gold value across the globe within seconds. GGT gold backing creates a secure stabilizing foundation for the ongoing value of the currency. The GGT 15% Proof of Stake Reward program is designed to incentivize the rapid adoption of your currency and speed the adoption of the token on to several exchanges.

How do you buy cryptocurrency?

There are several ways of purchasing cryptocurrency. The most common method is to purchase through a cryptocurrency exchange, which is an online platform that allows you to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Guardian Gold works like a stock exchange or currency exchange. You can exchange fiat money such as US dollars for a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, or you can exchange one type of cryptocurrency for another type.

Trading platforms

Trading platforms work by letting you place a “buy” or “sell” order. You are not allowed to interact with other traders on the platform. Guardian Gold exchanges charge a fee for every completed transaction. Some of the most popular trading platforms include Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, and Coin base. Make sure the platform you choose has at least one payment method that you can access. You should also consider the exchange pairs, exchange fees, the exchanges volume and the quality of customer service.