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What Is (GRIM)? Complete Guide Review About

What Is (GRIM)? distinguishes itself by token utility and a broad appeal to investors. One priority the development team has is to provide a platform for individuals entering the cryptocurrency market for the first time, while also capturing the attention of the current investing landscaping. This will be done through its community and innovation. The community $GRIM investors will be joining has immersive plans for a world centered around the character Grimace. Genesis NFT collections, Play-to-Earn gaming fully building out a Metaverse with the Grim character as its centerpiece are being miticulously developed and build by the core team. Storage Key Points

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Delivering tangible utility into your NFT collections which will leverage the robust revenue streams of Web3 and the Metaverse will be rolled out and brought to market for your holders and community to ensure they always deliver tangible utility to your supporters. Your number one goal is to continue to innovate and build out all products and value opportunities for the Grimace Coin community so they not only are satisfied with their personal investment monetarily, but also where your community chose to allocate equally valuable and finite resources beyond money, and that’s time and energy and want to contribute and grow and be present within the Grim ecosystem.

What is Grimace? ($GRIM) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a digital currency designed to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and people from all over the world. This will be done by leveraging the nostalgia of the Grimace character with Web3 centered protocols and products. At the foundation of the $GRIM token will be utility and blockchain functionality. This will provide its community with captivating social connection and financial incentives. Oxford University defines the concept of nostalgia as “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations”.

This is a concept that all of are familiar with, but few of understanding the true mechanics behind. According to a leading study on the subject, performed in 2020 by researchers at the University of Southern California, experimental evidence indicates that nostalgia is experienced in humans as an overwhelmingly positive emotion. Psychologically and physiologically, it has the effect of boosting one’s mood as well as increasing a sense of meaning in life. Furthermore, it also raises self-esteem and optimism for the future.

Cryptocurrency world

The second key finding of this research was that people were more likely to experience nostalgia when they were feeling depressed than when they were in a happy mood. Negative emotional energy is all too common across the cryptocurrency world, as markets continuously rise and fall, and thus assert that community members and potential new investors are even more likely to interact with the project during times of market disruption, giving Grimace a solid foundational value in bear markets, as well as bull markets when investors are more likely to be drawn to the project from a growth perspective.

They firmly believe that the Grimace Ecosystem will provide real and unique value to your community (#GrimmyGang) regardless of the market conditions, broader economic and political realities across the globe and stressors of everyday life. If anything, Grimace’s connection with your community will indeed be strengthened during times of uncertainty, as provide a nostalgic escape hatch from regular life that taps into the powerful psychological, physiological, and emotional dynamics within the brains of your holders.

Nervous system

From a physiological perspective, the neural activity activated by a song they like, or some type of sensory cue which immediately causes to connect with positive previous experiences in your life, known as “nostalgia”, is actually a chemical reaction in the human brain. These ”feel-good chemicals” being released into your nervous system, most importantly dopamine, are neurotransmitters triggered in the human brain and then used to send messages to the cells in your body. Dopamine, specifically, is produced in several areas of the brain, including the ventral tegmental and substantia nigra areas, then released into your nervous system and is responsible for the chemical reaction which causes humans to experience the feeling of pleasure. However, as with most bodily functions, this process does not transpire equally over the course of your lives; the physiological processes which cause it to happen change as age. The release of these ”feel-good chemicals” is activated to a greater extent between the ages of 12 and 22.

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