What Is Grim Finance(REAPER)? Complete Guide Review About Grim Finance .

Grim Finance

What Is Grim Finance(REAPER)?

Grim Finance is a Smart Yield Optimizer Platform that allows users to stake LP-Tokens issued from AMMs (Automated Market Makers) in Grim Vaults, which automatically harvest and re-stake their rewards as LP-Tokens for a compounding effect. Helping users reap more rewards, hassle-free. Grim Finance is a fork from Beefy Finance, Convex Finance, hybrid of different complex strategies and with an enhanced user experience and expansive selection of Fan tom pools spanning the entire ecosystem.

Grim Finance users have access to Liquid Boost Vaults, which were designed to boost liquidity to a designated pool in the AMM’s. Grim Finance allows SpiritSwap AMM liquidity providers to earn trading fees and claim boosted inSPIRIT rewards without locking SPIRIT themselves. Liquidity providers can receive boosted SPIRIT and liquidity mining rewards with minimal effort. If you would like to stake SPIRIT for GinSPIRIT, Grim Finance lets staked GinSPIRIT users receive SpiritSwap protocol swap fees and deposit fees from inSPIRIT.

Grim Finance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGrim Finance
Short NameREAPER
Circulating Supply46,520,000.00 REAPER
Total Supply46,520,000
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Grim Vaults

All Grim Vaults run an auto compound (harvest) action to convert farming reward tokens into additional LP on behalf of the user. These LPs are reinvested automatically into the pool for a compounding effect.

  • Compound reward tokens issued by the AMMs into staked LP by selling the rewards and pooling them again as LP.
  • Compound event occurs in multiple cycles per day, depending on the vault balance (see harvest schedule).
  • Receipt tokens are issued to the user upon each vault deposit representing your share of the vault which is used to withdraw profits (ex. G-ETH-FTM-1, see receipt tokens)

Grim Single Stake Pool

  • Compounding yield optimizer for GRIM single staking (shareholder vault).
  • 2% market buy pressure (50% of total platform harvest fees) will be supplied to this vault by purchasing GRIM and distributing the proceeds to the pool automatically.
  • XGRIM will be issued to users who stake in the vault representing their share in the pool. XGRIM will be the Governance token in the DAO.

Grim Vaults Fee Structure

There is a 4% fee on Farming Rewards profits Split into the following,

  • 2% to market buy $GRIM, distributed back to $GRIM stakers via the reward pool.
  • 1% is allocated to treasury (currently funding advertising).
  • 0.5% is for the strategist that developed the vault.
  • 0.5% for the automated function that calling the harvest.

How It Works?

Grim Finance Bets is an information markets platform that lets you trade on the world’s most highly-debated topics (e.g. coronavirus, politics, current events, etc). On Grim Betting, you build a portfolio based on your forecasts and earn a return if you are right. When you decide to buy shares in a market, you are weighing in with your own knowledge, research, and view of the future.

  • You will be able to deposit $REAPER to bet on the topic.
  • That will create a lock for the token and when the result are out if your answer was right then you win.(Similar to Lottery Mechanism).
  • The winners will win the pot and 10% of the losing pot will be split between 5% Burn and 5% to automatically form liquidity for REAPER-FTM.
  • The 5% fee will cause deflationary pressure on $REAPER.

Grim Finance For $SPIRIT Stakers

Grim Finance rewards SPIRIT stakers with a share of the boosted inSPIRIT on the GRIM platform making it an ideal destination for those who wish to stake SPIRIT;

  • Stake SPIRIT to receive liquid GinSPIRIT allowing anyone to exit their staked inSPIRIT position
  • Earn protocol swap fees and deposit fees from Spirit-swap (DISTRBUITED WEEKLY AND AUTO COMPOUNDED TO MORE $GinSPIRIT)