What Is Green Ben (EBEN)?

What Is Green Ben (EBEN)? Complete Guide Review About Green Ben.

What Is Green Ben (EBEN)?

Green Ben (EBEN) is the utility and governance token of Ben Swap (SmartBCH). Users need EBEN to use the features on BenSwap (SmartBCH). Holders can share the appreciation and be able to vote and make decisions for the project. They hope that with a reduced emission rate and deflationary mechanics, a positive impact on the price would be made. They conducted a pre sale to facilitate a fair launch. It was concluded on August 28, 2021 and a total of 4,237,955 EBEN tokens were sold. The initial emission rate is 10 EBEN per block and it is reduced by 10% every week until it reaches 2 EBEN per block.

Green Ben Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGreen Ben
Short NameEBEN
Circulating Supply18,941,670.86 EBEN
Total Supply18,941,671
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Automatic Market Maker

The transaction fee in Green Ben is the lowest, most of which is rewarded to the liquidity providers. They strongly recommend you create your token on Ben Swap SEP-20 Factory to reduce your cost at verifying the token contract. This would also speed up your token listing process. Because of increasing backlog of token listing requests, they recommend you use the Method 1 below to accelerate the listing procedure. For listing tokens in tokens.json, they have stricter internal requirements and will review on a regular basis, but it usually takes time. Please submit logo first and kindly wait if you request for token listing as well.

Yield Farming

Green Ben You can provide liquidity for your favorite tokens and stake LPs to earn EBEN on BenSwap (on the “Farms” page). Your rewards per block = (Your tokens staked in this farm / Total tokens staked in this farm) * (Multiplier of this farm / Total multiplier across farms and pools) * Current EBEN emission rateWhile the APY for a yield farming can be insanely high, please be aware of the costs and do not risk more than you can lose.


Green Ben only supports SEP20 tokens that add liquidity on BenSwap DEX. For any token with sufficient liquidity, at least one trading record on BenSwap DEX will be automatically listed on ChartPro. Vice versa, it will be automatically delisted if the liquidity is insufficient. Minimum liquidity required 10 BCH (to show) or 5 BCH (to keep) worth of liquidity in any pair with another major token (flexUSD, BCH, or EBEN). Anyone can create an IBO campaign whether you just created a new token or want to sell some of your existing tokens. Please follow the steps on the “Launch” page to create a campaign.

Advertising on ChartPro

Green Ben provide paid promotions on Chart Pro. For each promotion project, 50% of the income would be burned and 50% is rewarded to the team. The promoted token has to be already listed on Ben Swap. IBO is an automated tool for decentralized fundraising. This feature aims to help teams to raise fund and kickstart their projects. Please prepare your token and follow the steps on the “Launch” page to initiate your IBO campaign.

Green Ben Once an IBO campaign is created, there will be a public link for everyone to see the campaign and participate. To update IBO info, picture, and adding to the market need your review and approval. Please read more details below.100% of fees, taxes, and sponsorship will be converted to EBEN token and burned.

How do I participate in a campaign?

Click on the “Participate” button and enter the amount of raising token you would like to participate with. Offering tokens will be directly sent to your wallet after you submit. Green Ben provides financial services as a distributor of third-party investment products, such as IBO. The investment products do NOT pertain to Ben Swap and Ben Swap does NOT provide investment advisory services in any manner or form. The ownership of any investment decision shall exclusively vest with the investors after analyzing all possible risk factors and by exercise of the independent discretion. BenWsap shall not be liable or held liable of any consequences thereof.

Green Ben The owner can also request to list the campaign in the marketplace when it reaches 100 EBEN sponsorship (see more requirement below). The campaigns in the marketplace are sorted in the order of the total amount of the sponsorship. When a campaign meets the minimum required sponsorship, the owner can provide the following information to the team @benlisting to request for a market listing.