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What Is Greedtoken? (GREED) Complete Guide Review About Greedtoken.

What Is Greedtoken?

The Greedtoken Coin Ecosystem encompasses many synergistic crypto utilities on multi-chain platforms with launchpads, swaps, staking, farms, the metaverse & an NFT marketplace. GREED MUSIC is the core of the ecosystem with Grammy Award winning producers & songwriters, Cool & Dre at the helm of the first crypto music label. The team are all doxxed & lead developer Peter Parente aka Captain Awesome is a US Recon Marine with over 2 decades of investment banking & business consultant experience.

Greedtoken Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGreedtoken Coin
Short NameGREED
Circulating Supply
Total Supply170,480
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Grammy Award-winning producer Cool & Dre have teamed up with developer Peter Parente to launch the first crypto music label, GREED Music, featuring:

  • Collectible music NFT’s from your favorite music artists.
  • Songs and versions of chart toppers that have never before been heard will now be available as collectible music NFTs.
  • Additional Greedtoken Coin versions of album covers that were created but not selected for the final cover.
  • The ability to watch live streams of your favorite recording artists working in the Greed Music studios with NFT VIP access keys.  See impromptu performances and major concerts live in the Metaverse.

GREED NFT Marketplace

The GREED NFT marketplace was CREATED FOR ARTISTS with unique benefits available only within the ecosystem. The “Public” minting collection uses the public minting contract that is owned by Greed the same way the other NFT Marketplaces own their contracts, not the user. 

The main benefits of the NFT marketplace are with the private contracts they offer you where you as the artist own the contract and can sell the NFT’s you mint through that contract on any & all NFT Market places you choose because you own the contract. Greedtoken Coin custom contracts also offer features unique to the ecosystem including the Price Floor Stabilizer, Guaranteed Royalties, Split Wallets, and NFT Utilities such as NFT staking vaults.


The vital role played by promotion and advertisement will be emphasized in this project. GREED
smart contract has automatically take 2% of every transactions for marketing and development.
A portion of this Fund is set to be invested in NFT projects, Music partnerships and prospective
projects that will be launched on GREED decentralized Exchange. Furthermore, a setup has
been embedded in the development structure of Smart contract for the reserved funds
to be fused with the market cap.


Whales are notorious for taking advantage of strong communities for personal profit. Greedtoken Coin smart contract has been developed to nullify such plans. GREED has a maximum circulating supply of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) tokens. Anti whale protection includes:

  • Maximum tokens per transaction is (0.1%)tokens.
  • There will be a maximum tokens per wallet to ensure zero whale manipulation. No wallet can exceed 1% holdings.

The Metaverse

On October 28, 2021 GREED officially entered the metaverse, purchasing 15 parcels across two new estates in Decentraland: GREED Ecosystem and Music. In 2022, GREED then announced a strategic partnership with TCG World to bring the ecosystem and GREED Music to the TCG World metaverse along side Valor and Wall Street Bets.

Greedtoken Coin metaverse build out will feature a music studio, club, and concert area featuring your favorite recording artists.  Coming in 2022!  Stay tuned to Greed and TCG World for updates.


One of the key features of GREED is the large ecosystem to be built out which is inclusive of the
$GREED token, Music, the Metaverse, wallet, launchpad, swap, farms and pools, and the
NFT marketplace. The following sections will explore each of the main components of the
GREED ecosystem.