What Is GOMA Finance(GOMA)? Complete Guide Review About GOMA Finance

What Is GOMA Finance(GOMA)? Complete Guide Review About GOMA Finance

What Is GOMA Finance(GOMA)?

GOMA Finance is a Multi-chain Hyper-Deflationary Incentive, DeFi & Staking Ecosystem that is focused on providing NEXTGEN crypto instruments that are community-focused, and enable our communities to learn, and earn with minimal risk.

GOMA started out with one goal in mind, to establish itself as an industry leader in building both utility focused technology and utility focused communities who are seeking opportunities to maximize their financial wellbeing.

GOMA Finance Coin is a Multi-chain Incentive, DeFi & NFT Ecosystem, focused on providing innovative NEXTGEN financial instruments to the GOMA Community.

GOMA.FI, GOMA.FI platform and dashboard provide important ecosystem insights, ecosystem reward metrics and DeFi/Digital asset tools to empower our community to grow their wealth. This is the access point to the utility of two ecosystem Utility tokens – $GOMA (PRIMARY ECOSYSTEM TOKEN) and $GOMAx (SECONDARY ECOSYSTEM TOKEN)

GOMA Finance Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGOMA Finance Coin
Short NameGOMA
Circulating Supply147,669.79B GOMA
Max Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
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The GOMA Finance Ecosystem

The GOMA Finance Coin Ecosystem functions as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and comprises of a combination of decentralized functions and features designed to enable opportunities for the general public to participate and receive cryptographic, or blockchain enabled, earnings or rewards; as well as be empowered to be a part of a democratized consensus driven environment without borders or external governance.

The ecosystem is made up of two primary tokens, GOMA and GOMAx. These two tokens perform a core symbiotic feature of stabilizing GOMA’s market, and enablement of community incentivization through redistribution, BNB reflection and staking rewards while simultaneously establishing a healthy demand for the primary GOMA ecosystem token ($GOMA).

What is $GOMAx?

$GOMAx, the secondary ecosystem token, is the Ecosystem Value Stabilizer And ‘Ratio’-based Reflection Token. It plays a significant role in enabling value stabilization in the ecosystem, as well as driving the demand for the primary ecosystem token (GOMA); GOMAx also provides a percentage of reflection, in BNB (Binance Coin), to all holders based on their holding ratio between GOMA and GOMAx.

How does it work?

GOMA Finance Coin acts as a level of certification of eligibility, deeming you eligible to receive a percentage of BNB from the reflection pool. However, in the GOMA Ecosystem, you are required to hold GOMA tokens as an access key to unlock those earnings; and you can increase them based on your GOMA holdings. The more GOMAx you hold the higher your percentage yield will be, as long as you have comparable GOMA in the same wallet.

What is the GOMA TRIANGLE?

The GOMA TRIANGLE is an innovative methodology and technology created by the GOMA development team to maximize and preserve the earnings of GOMA HOLDERS. The earning methodology of the ecosystem has 3 earning opportunities (at this stage):

  1. 1.GOMA Redistribution
  2. 2.BNB Reflections (through GOMAx)
  3. 3.and Staking rewards through our DeFi dashboard

Earning the GOMA TRIANGLE potential relies on the following rules:

  • GOMA Finance Coin holders who hold GOMA, outside of staking mechanisms, earn GOMA reflections.
  • GOMA holders who hold GOMA, and own GOMAx will earn GOMA redistribution AND BNB Reflections
  • GOMA holders who hold GOMA, and stake GOMAx as the utility token, will earn GOMA redistribution, BNB Reflections and staking rewards from the staking mechanisms.

GOMA (Primary Ecosystem Token)

The primary token of the GOMA Ecosystem, drives the overall value that our holders receive. As a governance and reward token, GOMA provides opportunities that only its holders will be able to participate in; whether it’s the Redistribution of GOMA, BNB Reflections from GOMAx, or the voting rights to enable and assist the entire GOMA economy to adjust and grow.

GOMAx (Secondary Ecosystem Token)

GOMA Finance Coin was introduced as the secondary GOMA Ecosystem Token. It forms a solid and taxless utility that makes it possible to earn what we call the GOMA TRIANGLE.

By using the GOMAx token for utility in our staking mechanisms, or holding it in your wallet, you are eligible to earn BNB Reflections, earn GOMA Redistribution, as well as earn taxless staking rewards from staking contracts in our new GOMAsterchef v3 (to be launched in March).

GOMA Finance

GOMA Finance Coin is a Multi-chain Hyper-Deflationary Incentive, DeFi & Staking Ecosystem designed to optimize yield and provide new DeFi and NFT opportunities to GOMA Holders.