What Is Goatcoin? (GOAT) Complete Guide Review About Goatcoin.

What Is Goatcoin? (GOAT) Complete Guide Review About Goatcoin.

What Is Goatcoin?

Goatcoin Coin is an ERC-20 token, driven by reflect tokenomics and automated staking. The token allow users to earn passively whilst the token trades between buyers and sellers. A transaction fee of 2% is charged, of which is redistributed to token holders.

G.O.A.T is not a typical ‘meme’ token. G.O.A.T stands for the ‘Greatest Of All Time’. NFT charcuteries of celebrities and sports starts who are considered The GOAT in their choose field are available to trade on third party marketplaces.

The Goatcoin token will also be the currency of choice for the G.O.A.T NFT marketplace. Where high-end charcuteries will be available to trade. They have a vast opensea collection, where these Non Tangible Fungibles (NFTs) can be bought and sold. All returns made from NFTs sold will be reinvested into developing GOAT Coin.

Goatcoin Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGoatcoin Coin
Short NameGOAT
Circulating Supply
Total Supply100,000,000
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Game Information

  • Being able to own virtual luxury properties that would be impossible to acquire in real life and that are potentially more valuable than estates in real life.
  • Trading, negotiating, and dealing ​ with properties to earn a passive income.
  • Satisfaction​ in completing collections and advancing in ranking. Fun-to-play​ realistic experiences.
  • Appreciation of collectibles within the game, similar to real-life collectibles and limited-edition art.
  • Participation in a parallel economy where decentralized transactions between stakeholders enable a completely new type of value creation and exchange
  • The ability to transfer in-game assets like lands and built houses to the GOAT marketplace for sale. The fun of roaming around the GOAT colony seamlessly as you check out new properties to acquire.
  • And most importantly, the fact that you can earn a passive income, by simply holding the property for long term especially as the available land is limited to just 10,000 plots.
  • Free to play and play to earn


The Goatcoin Coin marketplace ​is ​where players can offer their properties for sale or make offers to other players who own the desired property. All offers in $GOAT coin for properties require that the offered amount is put into an escrow. The GOAT town in-game messaging system will allow the players to accept or reject incoming offers. Properties for sale on the marketplace will appear on the map alongside the initial offers made by GOAT town.


The eagerness to deliver and selflessness of the team behind this project ensures that no part of the total supply is reserved for them. Of the total supply of 100,000,000 GOATs, 37% was sent to Vitalik Buterin Wallet which he later sold before the project was migrated from Ethereum to BSC network, some were burnt and the remaining is currently circulating in DEX and CEX.

Goatcoin undeniably, a project cannot be more decentralized as it’s generally driven by the community. The incentives for the GOAT holders With every transaction, 2% of the total fee is charged by the GOAT NFT marketplace. However, the whole of this is distributed to the entire holders of the GOAT Coin. That can result in a huge amount depending on the amount of the coin in your possession.

Gaming Protocol

In recent times, the GOAT project has expanded its ecosystem to include a Play-2-Earn RPG gaming protocol as well as a beautiful metaverse named after some of the legends who reshaped the world they know today through their craftsmanship. The metaverse will have only 10,000 plots of land shared into 20 colonies which will house luxury businesses and residential structures.

Ultimate Aim

The Goatcoin Coin ultimate aim is to produce a NFT marketplace that will allow GOAT COIN to be used as a currency to buy and sell high-end charcuteries and associated fungibles related to A-list celebrities. This platform will then transcend further with ‘Domain names’ being digitalised and to be sold on the platform.


Total Supply

The Goat (GOAT) has a total supply of 100,000,000 GOAT coins with no mint function.

Pancakeswap Distribution

Goatcoin of the total supply of 100,000,000 GOATs, 96% is currently circulating through Pancakeswap and Hotbit and just 4% is reserved for the future CEX listing.

Private and Early Investors

A total of 30,000,000 GOATs was distributed to early investors which helped to kick-start the project. But that is irrelevant now as all tokens are circulating.

Team and Development Funds

No GOAT coins are reserved for team/development, they aim for a truly decentralized project!


Goatcoin Coin is BEP-20 protocol token that aims to acknowledge and showcase the effort and enthusiasm of the Greatest of All Time talented athletes, actors, award-winning musicians and exceptional individuals from all works of life who have enviable and rare talents that have entertained or reshaped the world they know over the decades. It gives a decentralized power to its community of users to create memes and other digital items that can be put up for sale or transferred between them.