What Is Globiance (GBEX)? Complete Guide Review About Globiance 

What Is Globiance (GBEX)? Complete Guide Review About Globiance 

What Is Globiance (GBEX)?

Globance is a fintech platform with a centralized exchange, banking services, payment gateways, stablecoins, and a decentralized marketplace. It offers fully-regulated services for corporate and retail customers in several countries on five continents, integrating crypto solutions into the traditional banking system. GBEX is the native utility token for the entire ecosystem. It is used on a daily basis on all They platforms worldwide, as all transactions and fees are paid in GBEX.

Globance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGlobance
Short NameGBEX
Circulating Supply380,000.00B GBEX
Max Supply500,000,000,000,000
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The First Decentralized Exchange on the XDC Network (XinFin)

Globance an Automated Market Maker (AMM), is deployed on the XDC blockchain 4.0.

The XDC network is a growing blcokchain platform that has enhanced its prodecessor Ethereum’s vision for a decentralised, blockchain-powered ecosystems with code-enforceable smart contracts.

The XDC network is fully compatible with Ethereum virtual Machine (EVM), enabling it to attract a large community of ethereum developers and encouraging various dapps, built on the Ethereum network, to migrate to XDC.

Nearly zero gas fees, 2 seconds transactions time and 2000 TPS are other factors that makes it attractive to build on XDC network.

GBEX is used for:

Fees for processing transactions. Running liquidity pools on the network. Used for governance votes to determine how network resources are allocated and how the token is developed.

GBEX Tokenomics

GBEX is an Exchange Token Generation 3.0. Deflationary. All transactions are subject to a 4% Tax; 2% are burned, and 2% goes to holders GBEX faces significant burn events. It automatically rewards Holders. Anti-Whale – Dump Protection – only 0.5% tokens of supply per wallet allowed

Why is GBEX needed?

GBEX is a Utility Token designed in a deflationary way and used for paying fees on the Globiance Coin exchange platforms and crypto processing gateways worldwide. By paying with GBEX tokens, users benefit from discounts on fees. The more users has, the more GBEX will be used daily, growing the trading volume organically.

How do the burn events work?

All transactions in GBEX are taxed at 4%, of which 2% are burned and the rest goes to holders. In summary, besides the massive burn events, the transaction tax eliminates 2% tokens on every single transaction. Finally, holders get their share of the 2% tax.

In that way, the total supply of GBEX is reduced constantly, and holders get regular extra tokens for holding GBEX in their wallets.

Who Are the Founders of Globiance?

The Globiance Coin Project started in 2018. Our founders are Irina La Rosa, Oliver Marco La Rosa, Alexander Pfau, and Sascha La Rosa.

Oliver Marco La Rosa had been involved in successful ventures in the past and has over 13 years’ experience with his team, servicing banks in Europe and knowing, as well as supporting, the IT platforms used by such banks that now benefit.

There is also a CORE team of directors across the world that support the project. Globiance has over 150 employees on five continents. Please see the CORE team: https://globiance.com/team/

Where Can I Buy GBEX, the Globiance Token?

GBEX is available in the Centralized Exchange, GlobianceDEX – the decentralized exchange, and Probit Global. The team is working hard to include the token in other marketplaces.

What is Globiance CEX

Globiance Coin CEX is the licensed centralized exchange at . It facilitates fiat-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto transactions combined with the ability to instantly withdraw fiat to the integrated wallet or bank accounts.

The platforms now feature multi-language and multi-currency wallet accounts providing several Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Besides buying and selling cryptocurrencies, users can handle their payments within the platform (internal, national, or international via crypto or SEPA/SWIFT) where the platforms have the appropriate payments license to execute 3rd party payments.

What is GlobianceDEX

GlobianceDEX is the first decentralized exchange built on the leading XDC (XinFin) blockchain. Developed as an Automated-market-maker (AMM) on XDC, where a collection of smart contracts are used to create liquidity pools, provide liquidity, and swap XRC-20 tokens.

DEX offers incentives and rewards to all players as well as effective speediness, reduced costs, and enhanced performance.

What stable coins has Globiance issued?

By leveraging blockchain technology and crypto-economics, they issue fiat pegged stable coins on the XDC network to dramatically decrease the cost of money transfers while increasing its efficiency and speed.

Globiance offers stable coins pegged to SDG, HKD, USD, EUR, and GBP currently.

SGDG – xdcd0148cb95da3ef32e198905258a0f0af3ea9bd27 HKDG – xdc192d70ff2ac21cc2f4788264c7d04502c6412094 USDG – xdc9c1eb1ea34e70ac05b5ee5515212e9ec201cfc5d EURG – xdc5231fc6c065466c9ef99278ebe59c1b29fd7ccd0 GBPG – xdc9ebedd5f691ae16538dfbf7cd0f043622eb34d4d

Globiance plans to add more stable coins like CNYG, JPYG, and KRWG soon. It is also exploring new stable coins every day, especially in those jurisdictions where the company is opening entities and businesses.

How does Globiance’s crypto payment gateway work?

Globiance Coin payment gateway is an all-in-one payments platform, providing clients with multichannel and multi-currency payment options through a single interface built for scalability and high transaction volumes.

It features over 225+ acquiring banks and alternative payment methods as well as connected settlement accounts.

The payment gateway is connected to the fiat and crypto wallet. Then, the client can send the funds directly to a designated bank account local or in an approved country or keep them in Globiance’s electronic wallet.

How do Globiance’s bank services work?

Globiance offers corporate accounts for all kinds of businesses that can be pre-approved and quoted in less than 24 hours.

Many currencies are available for each account, and all accounts can be used on just one platform. SEPA and SWIFT can both be used to send and receive funds. You can order 10+ cards per business account with high daily limits.

What is GlobiancePAY.

GlobiancePay is banking brand. It is fully regulated in every jurisdiction the company is offering services.

Is Globiance regulated?

Yes, Globiance Coin is fully regulated in every jurisdiction the company is conducting business. hires strong legal consultants in each country to build the entity and protect the brand from scratch.