What Is Girl Story(METAGIRL)? Complete Guide Review About Girl Story.

Girl Story

What Is Girl Story(METAGIRL)?

Own unique NFT Anime Girl Story to boost your gaming level and complete daily missions, get training experience, and trading in the marketplace. The Playtoearn feature will provide you with an engaging experience. Girl Story won’t take much of your time and you can even squeeze in a few minutes but will deliver you joy and profit through in-game token rewards.

The Girl Story provides comprehensive information about Girl Story, including gameplay and other game-wise features such as the token economy, especially the NFTs. The whitepaper helps players keep up with further development of Girl Story and understand how the game’s economy operates more quickly and accurately. Notice and Disclaimer: This whitepaper will be constantly updated by the Girl Story’s team. The objective of all changes is to improve the quality and sustainability of the project.

Girl Story Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGirl Story
Circulating Supply465,000.00 METAGIRL
Total Supply10,000,000
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Girl Story believe in the open future of the blockchain game market. A future where people can spend their whole day entertaining, playing games they like, and generating economic benefits. This is just the beginning. Kindly follow, step by step. This bring you the most casual gaming experience and the most lucrative monetization opportunities while promoting ecosystem expansion and mass adoption of blockchain applications. We offer you a cross-chain NFT marketplace equipped with superior features where you can earn money in many different ways.

Items that help your Girls increase winrate on daily Quest

There are five different types of items. Each item will be appropriate for a character’s personality and quest. Girl Story Choose an item that is appropriate for your character and quest to increase your win rate and rewards. Players can obtain items through item cards in the Shop or NFT market. Items are divided into 6 types of rarities.


Function to help you balance real life and life in the game.

  • During the process of training, you will receive a reward of $METAGIRL and hearts to help your Girls level up and increase her winrate and rewards.
  • During Training, players can still use cards to complete daily quests to gain hearts and rewards. Your win rate and reward rate will increase as your level rises.
  • With a set quantity of tokens, each NFT card can only be staked once.You must unstake and stake again if you want to stake more tokens.
  • Users can choose a suitable time along with a fixed profit.
  • APR is not fixed, subject to change without notice to ensure financial balance in the game.


In-game characters and items can be exchanged or traded on the market in the form of NFTs. NFT Marketplace allows players to buy and sell NFTs from other players, where NFTs is a commodity and $METAGIRL is an exchange currency.

Daily Quest

Where you can complete quests to get hearts and $METAGIRL token rewards. There are 5 types of Quests for you to choose to perform. Each Quests has a unique win rate, Heart rewards, and $METAGIRL ratio. In the Quest function, three out of five quests will appear at random. Choose the best character for each quest to increase your chances of success and rewards. You must complete all three current quests before the system will generate three new quests. After winning, you’ll receive Girl Story token and Hearts. The higher the Girl’s level and rarity, the greater reward. Each rarity level will have a different number of turns to do the quest.


Girl Story is a metaverse focus on the the world of school girl where you play as a Japanese high school girl & perform high anime school girl thrilling & fun tasks. In this world you will have chance to play a role as a school girl and do multiple simulator things as a anime girl to enjoy your Japanese school girl life. Make your day joyful along with your high school friends, with NFT items & pets in this life simulator games and gain benefit from your rare collectible. In the next update of the game you also can have collectible Boyfriend & housing NFT which will complete the first phrase of Girl Story Metaverse.