What Is Gifto (GTO)?

What Is Gifto (GTO)? Complete Guide Review About Gifto.

What Is Gifto (GTO)?

To drive the Gifto ecosystem growth, an MDT User Growth Pool is reserved to reward early adopters and users with MDT. In the early stage, users will also get rewards from being active on the platform. For instance, a user being active for 30 consecutive days will be awarded with certain amount of MDT. The currency earned from this User Growth Pool can only be used within the MDT ecosystem for value added services. Mail Time Email Messenger will keep developing crypto-currency related features to encourage users to join this new economy.

As listed in Chapter 4.3 to 4.6, features like enabling users to utilize their signature as an advertising banner are good ways to earn MDT currency. Users can also send “VIP Mail” to spend their earned MDT. More feature like these are in the pipeline, with the aim of engaging users in the new ecosystem with the least expense. The goal is also to allow users to earn MDT currency by providing value to the ecosystem and the community through data exchange, commerce and service creation.

Gifto Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGifto
Short NameGTO
Circulating Supply770,236,879.20 GTO
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Advertising with Your Email Signature

Email signature represents a special piece of your online identity. It’s attached to every email you send, which gets viewed every time someone opens your email. Mail Time Email Messenger allows users to utilize their signature as an advertising placement. Would you rather read an advertisement popping up from the website, or something attached to your friend’s email signature? In most cases, your friend seems more trustworthy than a strange website. Users are allowed to decide whether they want to opt-in to the Signature Advertising Campaign or not. If they choose to opt-in, they need to select the specific categories of ads that they are willing to include in their signatures.

Gifto For instance, they can choose to include only “fashion” related ads or exclude all “e-commerce” ads. Advertisers will pay for per activation for all the participating users. Mail Time Email Messenger Platform will also charge a %fee to maintain this feature. Users of Mail Time Email Messenger , however, will not see the email signature since Mail Time Email Messenger hides the user’s signature to make the communication experience as easy as text-messaging. Only those who are not using the app will see the ads.

Signature Advertising Campaign

Gifto User B is a freelance writer who needs to email different editors and clients on a daily basis. He joins the Signature Advertising Campaign and opts-in to the “Books” and “Movies” categories for advertisement. Soon under his personal signature, each email he sends comes with an advertisement banner. Since the category he selects is quite related to his expertise, the conversion rate of his advertisement is quite high, thus earning B a considerable amount of revenue every month.

MDT Wallet

For any cryptocurrency economy, a wallet plays a crucial part. The MDT wallet will first be built in the Mail Time Email Messenger app. In the future, it will be an independent open source project that can be used by other developers. MDT is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, which is a common standard for issuing digital assets. Gifto ecosystem is designed to benefit all digital users who embrace an open, decentralized and beneficial platform.

To reduce the barriers of cryptocurrency technology for most consumers, MDT wallet aims to keep it as simple as possible. They are also open to a more user-friendly on boarding tutorial for any crypto-currency beginners. In the future, the MDT wallet will enable users to send, receive or transfer payment without understanding the raw technology behind.

VIP mail

The VIP mail is an innovative function of Open Massage that facilitates efficient communication between mainstream consumers and celebrities. It allows users to connect with influential celebrities or professionals who were usually difficult to reach while protecting receivers from spams by charging the sender.

Gifto Even though email is an open protocol that connects anyone who has an email address, users need to know the email address first. In the past few years, it has been noticed that there is a growing need for mainstream consumers to communicate with celebrities or professionals directly and personally. Several products has developed such features.