What Is Ghost Trader(GTR)? Complete Guide Review About Ghost Trader.

Ghost Trader

What Is Ghost Trader(GTR)?

Ghost Trader entire landscape of finance has been completely upended in the past decade. It is moving from a centralized understanding of the world to one that is decentralized. Tech entrepreneur and cryptocurrency advocate Andreas Antonopoulos1 said that when an industry, such as finance, transitions to a more decentralized and open model then a “tsunami of innovation that was pent up for decades is suddenly released.” They are in in the early stages of experiencing this powerful tsunami with the emergence of powerful blockchain2 technology and the crypto space.

The system of banking and finance, as it was established in the early 20th century, is becoming rather antiquated and highly distrusted. Sadly, even though Ghost Trader are in an explosive digital era, the entrenched global markets for the worldwide money system are still largely controlled by governments and central banks that benefit only the elite few. This system is plagued with misuse and mistrust. It no longer works for the vast majority of people that are not already exceptionally wealthy

An article recently published by the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (Nasdaq) 3 described this decentralized force rather succinctly: A new wave of financial innovation is upon Ghost Trader. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) provides the solid foundation for new financial services that are so powerful and advantageous that will soon look back on them and question how ever operated without them.

Ghost Trader Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGhost Trader
Short NameGTR
Circulating Supply100,000,000.00 GTR
Total Supply100,000,000
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How Ghost Trader Works

For those interested in participating in this project for the possibility of hedge fund sized returns in a secure, decentralized space, please read the following details carefully. Ghost Trader wish to make your intentions clear from the very start. This is ONLY an opportunity for a professional, like-minded community that wishes to share in their success together. It is for educated people who understand the current financial markets and would enjoy taking this financial ride with.

Please know from the get-go that success for Ghost Trader is not measured by seeing the token price increase 10X. Rather, it’s the longevity and regular returns that Ghost Trader aim to give your token holders. They truly want to share the love and the rewards all around, which is why are prepared to give the biggest slice to your token holders FIRST.

The Ghost Trader Team

His ability to evaluate the markets in terms of volatility and understand how other traders and “Bots” control risk enables him to take full advantage of specific moves that other traders over-think. He has an unblemished trading record producing year-on-year returns of over 60% from 1998-2008. Since then, he also has even bigger returns trading for a hedge fund as one of the more aggressive portfolio traders in the group.

After a distinguished trading career for major banks, he spent some time in the Middle East running a busy Royal Family trading office. Ghost Trader Since 1998 he has traded for two major hedge funds predominately in Forex but has in the last 15 years expanded his day and shorter-term trading strategies to include the major indices, gold, and oil products.

Head of Communications and Executive Support

Ghost Trader With 10 years corporate, strategic communications, and executive support gained within the international relations and logistics space, CC has worked with large, fast growing, dynamic businesses. She is known for her unbridled passion and determination. Ghost Trader is delighted to have CC as part of the core leadership team supporting this amazing journey. CC enjoys travelling and is working towards becoming a humanitarian.

Head of Development

The Dev, better known as Ghost Trader techno-wizard, has many years of programming experience in both crypto and non-crypto capacities. He is always seeking and searching for ways to make things more efficient and creating awesome functionality. The Dev has many small coin projects under his belt. He is also a leading member of the Gateway community with many contacts in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) space. Overall, he is respected and trusted by many people.