What Is Getlinks? (LINKS) Complete Guide Review About Getlinks.

What Is Getlinks? (LINKS) Complete Guide Review About Getlinks.

What Is Getlinks?

Getlinks Coin is a Decentralized Talent Remunerations Network that complements fiat currency salaries with a borderless, interchangeable, neobanks-API enhanced one, creating an algorithmically controlled marketplace governed by the users. All network enablers are rewarded for their contribution to the network growth, making it their shared goal.

The network runs on the Binance Smart Chain with a native LINKS token. GetLinks users earn tokens by working, networking, and giving back to communities. Employers and partners use LINKS to hire, pay, service teams and sell their services back into the network. Talents use LINKS to find jobs, earn, invest, donate and spend with privileged discounts. Token holders also have the pro-rata ownership to participate in the governance of the network.

Getlinks Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGetlinks Coin
Short NameLINKS
Circulating Supply
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Getlinks Applying blockchain technology to Asia’s largest end-to-end employability ecosystem. LINKS Token to unify, promote, and made easily useful across all our and affiliates’ job-boards, marketplace, payroll, and employee benefits platforms from Asia to the world.


Resumes are outdated and boring, while dynamic public profiles are already scoring 86% more earning opportunities. They challenge and lead this open authentication, blockchain and NFT protocols by returning these control privacy and ownerships back to 500M+ identity owners across the Southeast Asia and GreaterBay China regions.


Getlinks Coin 250+ million will work and earn remotely by 2025, the mode of work is changing right before the eyes. GLX Network and currency is designed to also service this new global remote and freelance economies, solving and enforcing trust and transparency across the $10 Trillion dollar work market.


Already happening in Industry 4.0, where your personal currency mirrors your Skills. GLX network decentralises Dynamic Digital Public Profiles to showcase authenticated skills, capabilities and past transactions. Ultimately creating an open supply of fairly assessed workforce offerings on the GLX decentralised workforce exchange.

Plug-In Fintech Solutions

Getlinks Fintech Solutions by GetLinks provide talents with banking services to increase their savings and spending power. LINKS tokens in the talents’ digital wallets are exchangeable with the neobank and insurtech partners. This interchangeable ability is made possible with GetLinks’ blockchained based ‘eKYC’ and ‘eCerts’ programs, which will complement the network with user-friendly financial products for talents, making their payment and savings experiences seamless.

Connective Network, Powered by Blockchain

The world of digital employment has been a tough case to crack until the very recent crypto
advancements. GetLinks matches talents and clients on a new, unbiased level. Blockchain
technology ensures transparent records of verification, ownership, and transactions, thus
eliminating the major blockers in the supply-demand system of the job market.

The Decentralized Remuneration Network

Getlinks Coin Welcome to GetLinks.io – the world’s first decentralized talent remuneration network for digital talents catered to also include Remote and Freelance workers. It’s a blockchain-powered ecosystem that is owned, supervised, and perfected by the users. In a microtransactions world of global remote, freelance and metaverses, having a transparent, fair pay system is a major roadblock

in the way of attracting and retaining high-quality talents. GetLinks tech solves just that: an engaged talent pool is balanced with enough work from global clients to ensure an efficient way to determine payment methods and market prices in real-time.

Decentralized Ecosystem

What differs Getlinks from other talent networks is the efficient price discovery through
transparency of the transactions. In a decentralized network, users are able to track the real
value work and evaluate the projects against the skills required. Technology can resolve the job market imbalance: there’s plenty of exciting projects for skilled talents from all over the world.

Tokens Use Cases

All the utility purpose given or received from the exchange of the LINKS token is quoted in
USD/BUSD fraction of the LINKS token, and while the token value varies, the underlying value rate
of the service or products stays constant. Certain items can only be transacted with LINKS