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What Is Genesis Mana (MANA)? Complete Guide Review About Genesis Mana.

What Is Genesis Mana (MANA)?

A collaborative adventure to mint the Genesis Loot bags held by the most powerful adventurers of the Loot verse. To avoid voting on every last wallet action, Genesis Mana will publish some basic guidelines follow. The goal is to follow your principles with these guidelines. Keep between 10 and 50 lost GMs within the community wallet, outside of specific Trading seasons. Continue to avoid selling or staking Lost Mana from the Community wallet.

Others can sell into the pool (including Founders if they wish), but the Community wallet won’t flood NFTx or OpenSea with Lost Mana without a community vote (if there is a good reason that this action might help maintain fairness in the game or the community in some material way).

Genesis Mana Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGenesis Mana
Short NameMANA
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply412
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


The Genesis Mana Project is a community of builders, designers, mathematicians and storytellers on a mission to summon the spirits of the original 2540 Genesis Adventurers of Loot. Along the way, they’re creating and discovering the origin story of the Loot universe.


The primary mechanism for steering the project is through voting with the Genesis Mana Adventurers ERC-721. Those who hold GAs are empowered to steer the future direction of the Genesis Project. Genesis Adventurer NFTs are not claims on the community wallet’s assets, nor are they securities. They are art, first and foremost, with utility across the Lootverse.

Community Treasury

The Genesis Project Community Treasury is the custodian for the Genesis Project DAO’s community wallet — responsible for advancing development of the Genesis Project and bringing the wider Lootverse to life, done so by executing Governance actions voted on by the DAO.

Mechanics of Treasury Transactions

One challenging mechanic with the Genesis Mana wallet (the primary multisign wallet for the Genesis DAO) is that it cannot directly sell on OpenSea or NFTx. It’s a limitation of Gnosis and may be fixed one day, but not soon. In the meantime, in order to sell, stake, or trade GMs, the Genesis Project will periodically send (or receive) GMs to a trusted EOA wallet, knowing that these GMs will be on the move in various ways to keep the Treasury healthy.

This also provides a cleaner view of the Lost Mana Trading Post wallet for players to sift through. As the game evolves, and Community Rewards become earmarked for certain quests, prizes or collaborations, the Community Treasury may add multisign vaults to store these assets to keep the Treasury organized.

Progressive Decentralization

Major spending activity that is not part of published plans will be brought to the community as part of your transition to Progressive Decentralization. Minor spending may happen at the discretion of the treasurer, who is acting in good faith in the best interests of the Community. A recent example the community wallet purchased 2 GMs on NFTx and 1 GM on OpenSea in order to resurrect a GA as a community reward for Tenox’s work to build and ship the Mana Finder v2.

Anti-virus software

Most products do not guarantee even a 90% level of protection! This is the main problem of anti-virus software today. Problem number 1. The number and variety of malicious programs is steadily growing year after year. Genesis Mana As a result, many antivirus companies simply can not keep up with this flow, they lose in the virus “arms race”, and users of these programs are not protected from all modern computer threats. Alas, products of far not all anti-virus companies it is possible to name really anti-virus.

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