What Is Geckolands? (GEC) Complete Guide Review About Geckolands.

What Is Geckolands? (GEC) Complete Guide Review About Geckolands.

What Is Geckolands?

Geckolands Coin is a game of NFTs whose main currency moves through the BSC Binance Smart Chain network, a universe where anyone can earn tokens through the improvement of their skills and the contribution to the ecosystem that aims to focus on taking care of the creatures, mate them and obtain unique creatures, and of course, play with them to obtain exclusive items and evolve them.

All Geckos artistic assets and genetic data are easily accessible to third parties, allowing community developers to build their own tools and experiences in the Gecko universe. Geckolands is a fun game that also has the characteristics of a social network and a work platform due to its strong community and the option to win opportunities that come from its initial success.

Players can fight, collect, breed, and build a land kingdom for their pets. The big difference between Geckolands and a traditional game is that the inexpensive design of the Blockchain is used to reward the players for their contributions to the ecosystem. This new game model has been called “play to win.”

Geckolands Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGeckolands Coin
Short NameGEC
Circulating Supply300,000,000.00 GEC
Total Supply300,000,000
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You can mate your geckos with your owns and other ones on the ecosystem to get exclusive creatures to play with other people and also sell them in the marketplace.


Geckolands Coin you get an egg, you must take care of it so that the creature inside grows. you must give it heat and be careful that nothing happens until it hatches.


Over time, you must feed your gecko, so it will be satisfied and grow to the next levels, to become more powerful.

PvP Battles

You can carry out battles against the community to win more GEC, since each one can bet a reasonable amount and get the victory and the loot, but most importantly, you must be careful, your geckos could die at the end of a battle.


Geckolands Launched on September, 2021 GEC comes as a great option in the field of Gaming transactions. A BEP-20 native token, its features leverage the execution and conclusion of smart contracts, catalyzing negotiations in a safe and agile way. This smart contract is being developed ever since its idealization, it is a reference in the market with assured liquidity, and through partnerships with great exchanges in the market: Bitmart & Pancake Swap.


With its long-term value storage, the token enables the implementation of profitable strategies to its users.


Runing on the Binance Smart Chain, all GEC transactions will be made through the blockchain.

Play to Earn

Geckolands Coin GEC could be used in the marketplace for purchasing eggs, items and geckos.



As a standard, each block has, in its header, a list of transactions and the Merkleh as root of
each transaction, since a transaction can not be added right away to the chain, and
each protocol requires a 24-hour period, the transaction is added to a special section, something that is not present on the original protocol.


The Geckolands Coin main feature of GECKO is available through as op his ticated script of blocks, which behaves differently depending on the number of confirmations present don the unblocking script. Two options are available: 1)Blocking scriptalert- it requires one or two confirmations. If one confirmation is presented,a transaction alert is generated. If two confirmations are presented, a transaction recovery is generated.

Instant transaction

It cancels the 24-hour confirmation period, which is previously set, and accelerates the confirmation to approximately 10minutes. It requires an additional signature from a different private key that is safely stored in a different location. That is why instant transactions can be sent to special P2S Had dresses, snapshot addresses, generated from the alert script +the instant blocking


The Geckolands Binance Smart Chain was created with the goal of providing anal tentative protocol for the building of decentralized applications, offering different resources for an extensive class of decentralized Apps. These resources have great use in situations that require a longer development period, safety, easy usability when compared toothier applications such as wallets. And how does Ethereum dothat?

The platform builds a blockchain with an integrated complete Turing programming language, which means that everybody can write smart contracts and decentralized applications, creating arbitrary ownership rules, transaction formats, and state transaction functions.