What Is GazeCoin (GZE)?

What Is GazeCoin (GZE)? Complete Guide Review About GazeCoin.

What Is GazeCoin (GZE)?

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The publication, distribution or dissemination of this white paper does not imply compliance with any applicable laws, regulatory requirements or rules. Major brands and advertisers, too, dove in headfirst for fear of being left behind on one of the most promising leaps in mass media since the advent of the Internet.

GazeCoin Storage Key Points

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Short NameGZE
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Total Supply29,508,557
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The Problem

Credit cards are a barrier to accessing premium content. Perhaps most ominously, as we have learned through the contraction of the music business and disruption of all media businesses over the past fifteen years, consumers are generally adverse to paying for content and have forced prices downward. The plethora of free content across social media exacerbates this.

The Solution

Using patent-registered technology, GazeCoin is the only VR/AR blockchain token measured by gaze control/eye tracking. By measuring “gaze”, Gaze Coin creates a model for advertising in VR/AR environments at the heart of how mixed reality is created and consumed through the eyes of the beholder. All of those analytics metrics are built into the Gaze Coin development roadmap.

Brands can use eye-tracking in a myriad of ways to evaluate their packaging designs, advertising, and online shopping behavior, in order to optimize the customer experience. Metrics include engagement, ease of processing, find ability, order of processing, comprehension and excitement.

What is Gaze Control?

GazeCoin control is a tool used by VR and AR creators allowing audiences to trigger content by looking in the direction of the content (oftentimes cued by spatial audio). This ensures the content launches only when a user is ready to experience it, similar to a user “clicking through” on traditional web/ mobile media. Empowered to engage in their own time according to their true interests, gaze control gives audiences agency while immersed.

Gaze Coin Defined

GazeCoin uses the concept of “gaze” to create a business model for VR and AR by creating a unit of exchange between content owners, advertisers and users measured initially by gaze and then, more specifically, through eye tracking. By charging advertisers for the time users spend genuinely engaged, content owners are incentivized to provide the most engaging content. Further, the model rewards users for consuming that content, allowing it to be offered for free.


First, GazeCoin securely stores ownership data about content assets in VR and AR (objects, experiences, environments, worlds). Then, it embeds transaction metadata (linked to telemetry data of the user action that triggered the transaction: gaze) across all micro transactions involving those assets.

This information is directly available to the advertiser and content owner and cannot be forged. As content is added and remixed in the virtual world, the blockchain creates an indelible audit trail of these changes, enabling long-tail royalty payments to content owners.