What Is Game1Network (GAME1)? Complete Guide Review About Game1Network .

What Is Game1Network (GAME1)?

Game1Network has been created on the next generation technology to create a decentralized platform, where the gaming processes are efficient, transparent and fair. The emergence of blockchain technology and other digital assets has changed the way the world today now manages and conducts transactions. This technology has been adopted by various industries including the iGaming industry to improve on the existing method on which their day-to-day business activities are carried out. The transparency and immutability of blockchain technology helps create a unique experience for players in the online gaming world.

This is why Game1Network have chosen to incorporate the use of blockchain technology on your platform Game1Network is here to provide players with numerous advantages which include: increased security, better internet gaming and reward distribution with the best design experience ever for users on the platform. Game1Network is next-generation autonomous iGaming earning platform which operates on an automated agreed to rules and principal assigned to in code.

Game1Network Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGame1Network
Short NameGAME1
Circulating SupplyN\A
Total Supply21,000,000
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Why Game1Network?

Game1Network is an innovative gaming platform that provides a gamified experience of different games featuring on the platform for Players to earn $game1 tokens,the hyper-Deflationary cryptocurrency running the Game1Network eco-system. By playing games, players will earn rewards in $game1 tokens, and in order to play any game on the platform, the players/users need to hold $game1 tokens in their wallet as a stake to play.

The Game1Network platform will entirely use $game1 token as its currency for users to play any game, and eventually will list $game1 token on major decentralized exchange and centralized exchange to enable the swapping of $game1 tokens with fiat money.

Binance Smart chain Blockchain

Game1Network is after lower transaction fees, solid innovation, popularity growth, and profit saving with Binance Smart Chain they can achieve it compared to Ethereum and other blockchains currently existing. This company also carefully consider the interest of both players/users and the platform, to ensure that both are satisfied, and we do that by providing a solution that creates a win-win scenario for everyone. The most crucial is to guarantee the interest, security and protection of both players/users and the Game1Network platform.

Game1Network Fairness Calculator

The underlying concept of provable fairness is that players have the ability to prove and verify that their results are fair and manipulative. This is achieved through the use of a commitment scheme, along with cryptographic hashing. The commitment scheme is used to ensure that the player has an influence on all results generated. Cryptographic hashing is used to ensure that the platform also remains honest to this commitment scheme. Both concepts combined creates a trust-less environment when playing online.

Promo Codes Giveaway

Game1Network Promo Codes are distributed through Twitter, automatically through browser push notifications and automatically through Discord. Once you link your Discord, you automatically get access to the Discord server to receive automatic promo codes. Each wager gives experience towards your VIP level. Currently, VIP levels mainly would be used in combination with the Discord bot to spread promo codes, as you level up you are able to use more VIP promo codes per day and get more percentage (%) Rakeback on the reward program.

Game1 currency a Hyper-deflationary Token

Game1Network is a hyper-deflationary token, which rewards investors for holding game1 tokens, while also incorporating the Buyback approach currently present in the stock market. On the Game1 protocol, the tokens are bought back from the market and then instantly burnt increasing its value. The tokens collected from the buyback tax are converted into BNB and securely stored in your BuyBack Contract.

This creates a true burn from the circulating supply that guarantees the price per token will increase every time the BuyBack is activated. When the Buy Back function is turned on, the contract automatically buys back and burns tokens after every sale. $Game1 being a hyper-deflationary token, always increases the Gas Limit to avoid Deposit and Send failure occurrence.