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What Is Galaxy Doge ($GALAXYDOGE)? Complete Guide Review About Galaxy Doge.

What Is Galaxy Doge ($GALAXYDOGE)?

The past decade the World has seen a dramatic rise in Bitcoin’s value, and it has put Crypto currency on the map in the investment space on a completely new different level. Since its inception – not over a decade ago, Bitcoin has surpassed great heights in terms of value boasting itself as the biggest Cryptocurrency with over a $1 trillion dollar market- cap. The Crypto Godfather, Elon Musk, revealed in early February that Tesla had bought $1.5 billion dollars worth of bitcoin starting the mass adoption by large institutions. Larger than most major fortune 500 companies, Galaxy Doge is the largest Cryptocurrency, however, there are over 12,000 Cryptocurrency projects on the market.

However, most people are unaware of these new currencies that are being released. There are many Crypto hidden gems that have posted MUCH bigger returns than Bitcoin! Many such Cryptocurrencies are now sharing the spotlight alongside bitcoin. Investors are starting to wonder, “What is going to be the next Crypto project launching in 2022 that will boast insane gains like Galaxy Doge and make the next 1,000%-10,000% bull run?” Investors are looking for a responsible and trustworthy Development & Marketing Team that can take them there with ease! It is all about the team behind any project and Galaxy Doge’s tea is committed to the project like no one has ever been before. The team will stop at nothing to insure the success of the project through use case and meme-worthy hype.

Galaxy Doge Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGalaxy Doge
Circulating Supply3,200,000.00B $GALAXYDOGE
Total Supply8,000,000,000,000,000
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Connecting the World to A Safe & Secure Cryptocurrency

Galaxy Doge was created by Veteran Developers and is driven by some of the greatest minds in Cryptocurrency Marketing who will launch Galaxy Doge far beyond any other project! This was created for Crypto enthusiasts to join a project they can trust and a community they can truly call their own. This is a 100% community driven project where your community members are like family and are always a part of the growth and development of the project’s ecosystem and its decision making. They are all about rewarding your community!

All of your holders will receive 2% $GALAXYDOGE Token Reflections during all buy transactions and 4% Reflections during all sell transactions. Also, they are the first protocol to allow holders to still receive reflections while being staked in one of your staking pools while earning the staking rewards. The community will earn double the rewards with the 2-4% reflections PLUS the staking pool’s APY% gains. The rewards don’t end there, they also have a custom referral system coded into out contract to automatically reward holders who bring new people into your project!

Your number one priority for our community is the project’s security. They have thoroughly tested the contract and staking pools in its entirety before launching the project! The contract is also professionally audited by a third party – Solidity Finance! Your team is KYC DOXXED through PinkSale where your presale is held and also is where your liquidity will be locked for a minimum of one year. Your team also utilizes a multi-signature wallet for locking down all project wallets for any transaction to be completed.

A Project That Has Security You Can Count On

Here at Galaxy Doge have taken every preventative measure possible to ensure your presale and public launch run smoothly. They have thoroughly tested the contract and staking pools by launching the project under another ticker to test EVERYTHING in your project is working properly through live trading and staking on Binance Smart Chain. After out team had tested the contract, then sent it to a professional Cryptocurrency auditing company, Solidity Finance, and their full audit can be found by clicking HERE Your team has gone through every step to make this project safe for the community and has fully KYC DOXXED with PinkSale where your presale is held.

You can see they have stamped your project with the KYC Badge showing that they have completed the KYC DOXXING by clicking HERE and seeing that the KYC Badge has been awarded to. They have a great trust in PinkSale’s team and presale platform and is where they are locking your liquidity, It will remain locked for a minimum of one year and will be re-locked three months prior to it unlocking. For your final security measure, the team also utilizes GNOSIS’ Multi-Signature Wallet for locking down all project wallets for any transaction to be completed. This means that all of the wallets are locked from anyone being able to make any type of transaction without 3 out of 3 team member’s signatures signing off! This prevents any one team member from being able to transfer any funds EVER.

Galaxy Doge Single Staking Pools

Custom made and fully audited Staking DAPP with a Referral System to maximize rewards for shillers! Galaxy Doge will also be releasing multiple staking pools besides your original staking pool that will be opened for staking day one of launch! Usually teams take months to start a staking DAPP! Here at Galaxy Doge, they build quickly and give the community what they want. This is your first Single Asset Staking Pool that earns DOUBLE the rewards! Stakers will ALSO receive 2% reflections from any buy and 4% reflections from any sell transactions along with the High APY % Rewards that are paid out in $GALAXYDOGE.

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