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What Is GACUBE (GAC)? Complete Guide Review About GACUBE.


GACUBE Cube (Abbreviation Ga cube) is a metaverse game ecosystem based on blockchain technology, B2B platform design and innovative tokenomics. It is committed to building a globally inter connected and aggregated GameFi platform with low latency and high efficiency. With cross-chain features and a decentralized governance system, provides players worldwide with global popular games and ensures them a stable, rapid and fair operation of all application scenarios.

GACUBE has launched its first game Block Empire which is an NFT-based action game with P2E mechanics. It provides a series of combat NFT games with appealing gaming experience like creating kingdoms, agricultural planting, fishing, upgrading heroes and fighting monsters. You can earn loads of gaming NFT assets and GAC during this process. 70% of the total supply of GAC will be produced in game play to largely boost the prosperity of ecosystem.

GACUBE Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameGAC
Circulating Supply200,000,000.00 GAC
Total Supply200,000,000
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GameFi market

In recent years, the global game industry has developed rapidly with diversified development trends. It is estimated that by 2023,the over all scale of the global game industry will exceed the$200 billion mark and reach a total revenue of $218.7 billion in 2024. In the rapid development of the game industry, the monopoly of game developers and operators is robbing players of their deserved benefits. Many developers in the traditional game industry believe that the game account and ownership of virtual items belong to the developers, and players only have the right to use them.

In this circumstance players are more like consumers than investors. In addition, there is basically no interaction and interoperability between games. That why GACUBE kicks off with explosive potential in this industry.In 2021, the concept of GameFi became popular following the prosperity of NFT markets which started to grow exponentially in 2017. Based on the shared recognition of NFTs’ value, GameFi enables the P2E model by introducing financial products into games and combining DeFi with NFT.

Problems solved by Gacube

More innovations are required to expand the whole market. As a member of the GameFi protocol, GACUBE combines GameFi and metaverse to create an interoperable, highly liquid and ever-expanding metaverse game ecosystem, solving the problems in the traditional game industry and early blockchain games. Interoperability of uses an efficient NFT market to connect games in the platform. Players only need one digital identity to exchange crypto assets between the platform and games,games and games. Efficient circulation and utilization of NFT’s enhance the value of NFT and the native token GAC.

Gacube mission

GACUBE Protocol smart contract allow game developers or operators to release various game apps and users will be rewarded for their participation and contribution. The algorithm focuses on fairness. Players, game developers and protocol jointly participate in the logic to ensure the results are not influenced by any central node. The community will also participate in the discussion and supervision throughout the process. Players can rest assured of the ownership of the crypto assets generated by games. Hence the mutual adhesion between players and game developers is established. The tremendous user scale reduces the developer’s marketing cost and maximizes profits.


With metaverse distinguishing itself as the mainstream of the future,the number of users in related fields has increased ten fold compared with the beginning of 2020! The Metaverse market is expected to become a trillion dollar market in the future. At present, the total market investment of GameFi is on the rise. In the third quarter,it reached an incredible $1 billion, accounting for 12% of the total financing in crypto industry, which marks GameFi as the top sub industry in the Web 3.0 and NFT categories.

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