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g-hosting Web Hosting Review: PHP Webhosting.

About g-hosting

On September 14, 2020, g-hosting company Gransy s.r.o. recorded significant outage of its services. Unfortunately, this outage shut down some of your services for almost 14 days. Given that the outage has been widely reported on various portals and in a number of media, and given the fact that no editorial office has asked for a statement or comment, they would like to set the record straight about what happened and what information about the attack itself have. They would therefore now like to describe how the entire incident unfolded and what effects it had on the company’s operations. They provide your comprehensive domain services to end customers, internet companies, companies and domain registries not only in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Today, g-hosting services are used by partners and registrars from all over the world. They are an accredited registrar of almost a hundred world registries, of course including the national domain CZ and the European domain EU. The number of all domain endings that can register for your customers is already close to 1000 TLDs. When managing hundreds of thousands of domains, they place great emphasis on automated processing, which makes domain administration easier for and your customers. They regularly improve and add new features to your web interface and automated channels (API).

Some Quick Facts g-hosting Web Hosting

g-hostingBasic Details
Hosting Nameg-hosting
Call Support+420.910125935
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g-hosting Price

Character and cosmetic items

g-hosting deflationary tokenomics is made simple with every buy and sell transaction 15% slippage, and holders are rewarded 3% of your Native Token. My Shiba Academia Heroes are an NFT collection of 25,000 unique, programmatically generated heroes that are redeemable for their in-game playable character and cosmetic items in your upcoming MMO on the blockchain. They come in 4 different tiers, and with each tier their more limited than the other, but randomize to give everyone a fair chance. Due to this you have a chance to mint a higher tier when are collection becomes available.

Independent Gaming

g-hosting social MMO will be available soon; they will utilize the Blockchain like no other and creating own ecosystem from scratch! They have interviewed the top solidity developers within the space to make it ideas become a reality. These be announcing your partnership with a huge independent gaming studio in Phase 3. This studio will allow to bring visual representation to your thoughts. MSA MMO will base heroes on a character progression system where they will have to complete character advancement tasks and defend their city from AI villains. The game will be enjoyable and challenging for even the most technical gamers with re-rolling tier and stat progression through in-game purchases.

Early Game Access

g-hosting will be able to play your MMO Online early and obtain rare in-game accessories that will never release again. My Shiba Academia is an upcoming Social MMO (Heroverse) on the blockchain where all playable characters and in-game cosmetic items are NFTs. Verified Heroes have access to members-only rooms in your official Discord. Network with other Heroes and build your rep in the community.

Your Heroes is yours, and the proof of ownership is on the blockchain to prove that. Use it as your PFP on social media or build a rare collection. Airdrops, tier re-rolling, NFT staking and loan system, and more utility will be available before the official game launch. g-hosting is an upcoming Social MMO (Heroverse) on the blockchain where all playable characters and in-game cosmetic items are NFTs.

What blockchain is it on?

g-hosting collection of 25,000 Colonists are ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The exact blockchain they are building your MMO (Play Shiba Online) will be on Etheruem and Binance as they are planning to bridge your contracts sharing the same pool. My Shiba Academia NFTs will be the first project to have a progression and regression system, which means when you re-roll your NFT Hero, it can either increase or decrease its tier. This will be something innovative in the NFT ecosystem cause you can actually increase or decrease the value of your NFT through pay to advance system. Increasing your tier will gradually increase the value of your NFT, which you can use for bragging rights or features in the game.

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