What Is Future1coin (F1C)?

What Is Future1coin (F1C)? Complete Guide Review About Future1coin.

What Is Future1coin (F1C)?

Future1coin Make Crypto Metaverse Easy to Access. Your Mission is to educate your Community and connect good Blockchain projects to your Crypto Investors. To Join, you must hold USD 1k worth of F1C Crypto Tokens or NFT. Acquiring and holding Future1Coin Tokens or NFT gets you admission into your Private Investor Group, Crypto Master Class , Events/Meetups and is the only way to access your Crypto/NFT/DeFi Fundraising Platform. F1C represents membership in the Future1coin community and should not be regarded as an investment.

This means that everyone in the community is literally invested in its success and gets to participate in the upside of the value Future1coin create together. Future1Coin NFT can be bought on www.cryptofans.social or Opensea and F1C Tokens can be bought on Mercatox Crypto Exchange, Bitxmi Crypto Exchange under symbol (F1C) and soon on Uniswap and Sushi swap DEX.

Future1coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFuture1coin
Short NameF1C
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply300,000,000
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Yield Farming By Future1Coin

Future1coin Token is listed on Mercatox Crypto Exchange, Bitxmi Crypto Exchange, CoinmarketCap, and Coingecko under symbol (F1C) and soon to be listed on Uniswap and Sushi swap. They Will Be Working Remotely Due To Covid For Safety Reasons. Transactions on the Gaze Coin blockchain must be paid in GZE and GZE is required to create and forge new tokens. The Gaze Coin blockchain gives all stakeholders the freedom, security and material incentive needed while at the same time building value in the GazeCoin token itself.

Gaze Coin is the killer app for tracking copyright in VR/AR

The Gaze Coin blockchain ensures that advertisers, content owners and users receive payments and data calculated precisely from user engagement and allows that data to be scrutinized openly without any hidden factors. Accurately calculated and accessible engagement-based transactional data, together with precise monetization calculations, is the VR/AR business model holy grail; an engine that funds the expansion of content and elevates the synergy between stakeholders.

GazeCoin Token

First, Future1coin securely stores ownership data about content assets in VR and AR (objects, experiences, environments, worlds). Then, it embeds transaction metadata (linked to telemetry data of the user action that triggered the transaction: gaze) across all micro transactions involving those assets. This information is directly available to the advertiser and content owner and cannot be forged. As content is added and remixed in the virtual world, the blockchain creates an indelible audit trail of these changes, enabling long-tail royalty payments to content owners.

Platform Compatibility

GZE will be open sourced and interoperable with both Ethereum and Bitcoin. Content owners and advertisers alike will be able to create their own native tokens on the Gaze Coin blockchain, providing a platform for VR/AR developers (content owners, brands, artists, creators) to launch their own coins unique to their brand. These tokens are able to be traded within the Gaze Coin decentralized exchange by users, increasing liquidity and utility of the token.

Gaze Coin in a virtual world

Suppose there is a DJ who is sponsored by Red Bull, Vans and Future1coin.
A fan of the DJ enters the VR world and is drawn to the DJ’s virtual nightclub by spatial audio (akin to how music lures fans to where the DJ is in real life). By ‘gazing’ at the nightclub for long enough to show interest, the fan dissolves into the nightclub interior. Gaze Coin makes a ‘gaze’ calculation based on how long the fan remains immersed within the nightclub and facilitates the following transactions across your key three stakeholders.